Kardemir Collective Labor Agreement Happy End


With the increase in production and product diversity, Kardemir makes its customers happy with the collective bargaining agreement signed with the collective bargaining agreement. he. 2019, which has been going on for some time between Kardemir and Özçelik İş Union, covering 2020-14 years. The term Collective Bargaining Agreement resulted in an agreement in the present session.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Kamil Güleç, Vice Chairman Ömer Faruk Öz and his General Manager Dr. Akın are also present at the meeting. Hüseyin Soykan and other officials of our company participated in the meeting, while on the union side, President Yunus Değirmenci, Vice Presidents Bayram Altun, Recep Akyel, Ferhan Öner and Secretary General Hicret Bozoklu and Karabük Branch Chairman and Managers were at the table.

At the end of today's session where wages and social benefits were discussed, the parties shook hands from the table.

With the contract signed, employees' hourly labor charges;

13,19 for the first six months
CPI for the second six months,
CPI for the third six months,
CPI + 1 points for the fourth six months,

While increasing, social rights in the first year 18, the second year CPI + 1 points were increased.

In the contract, the employees with senior employees of the 15 year and up and the employees waiting for the stage took place in the news. Accordingly, all employees with senior employees of 15 years and older will be paid a gross monthly salary of 400-TL and 9. the employees will be transferred to the levels of 10 and higher.

After the signing of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the employer and the union delegation passed to Haddehane Square in Kardemir and shared the results of the contract with the employees.

Addressing the employees here, Kardemir Board Chairman Kamil Güleç stated that Kardemir is a very big family and he said the following: Ik 25 years ago we opposed the closure of these factories with you. We gave hands together with the late Metin Türker, Özçelik Work Union, Hak İş Confederation, Karabük We all fought together as the people of the region. We are grateful to all those who have contributed to this issue, and we commemorate those who have left us. 25 years ago, Kardemir is a big family, and the company is ours to write on the walls, I wrote in my heart. I'm very happy right now. I see you're all very happy. We have happily terminated the collective bargaining agreement that we have in our union today to make you happy. 2019 is the last year of the goals we have set for Kardemir. So we started out with the 15 yearly 3 3,5 with a zeal aiming to make over $ 1 billion worth of investment. For the last 2 years, we have achieved these investments by taking advantage of the financial stability with the support of our current power, the President and the Prime Ministers. We are about to finish this year. At the end of the year, all of our most severe investments end. In this difficult year, we have made every effort and trust in you and have made the necessary sacrifice in the contract. Kardemir is a family and a whole with its employees, union, shareholders, all managers and board of directors. Karabük is also the largest part of the people. Your face always laughs. As long as this corporate identity is carried by Kardemir, always be happy, bring peace to your family and children. Spend your income in the most beautiful places. Let this contract be beneficial to all of you, Karabük and our industry e

Kardemir Deputy Chairman Ömer Faruk said in his speech that Kardemir had the highest profitability period in 2018 since the day it was privatized. Ömer Faruk Öz stated that 2018 is a nice year for the Iron and Steel Industry but the sector has narrowed a little for the coming years and continued his speech as follows: ve As management, we will not allow Kardemir to be harmed. We will produce high value added steels. We made the first production on the railway wheel. We started to produce the steel used by the automotive industry. Currently, most investment made by Turkey's defense industry and on-site Kardemir have established a commission for the defense industry. The steel used in the defense industry will now produce Kardemir. We will produce billets, we will produce billets that we will give to industrial enterprises in Karabük. Because there are our workers in the staff. We will not suffer them, but as Kardemir, we will start producing high value-added steel. Kardemir will grow out of the shrinking economy of the sector. Together we will create a stronger Kardemir with a hearty heart.

Then, Ozcelik-Is Union President Yunus Degirmenci, who came to the podium, informed the employees about the wage increases achieved in the Collective Labor Agreement signed in his speech. Acknowledging the Cardemir Administration for its approach in the contract process, General President Değirmenci wished the contract to be beneficial for all Kardemir employees.

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