Dazzling Figures in Izmir


Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which expropriated land and building wherever needed for new projects and investments, bought 2 billion 114 million TL real estate during the presidency of Aziz Kocaoğlu. Noting that the land constraint in the city is a big problem, Mayor Kocaoglu said that the expropriation value in some investments is even higher than the cost of construction.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun presided over the 15 annually, with the expropriation figure of IZSU 2 billion 114 million pounds expropriation realized. The real estate purchased by the Metropolitan Municipality has been evaluated in order to realize important projects and services and to add value to the city.

Opening new roads, squares and intersections, increasing green areas; to build gymnasiums, sub-overpasses, subway-suburban stations and fire brigade facilities, to create urban transformation-development areas with parking and cemetery areas, to construct a fair facility, to prepare a suitable area for archaeological excavations, to eliminate the development in areas exposed to disaster healthy drink provides water and sewerage, storm water, drinking water and wastewater treatment plants wherever needed in order to make the investments do not hesitate to buy the land and buildings of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in the many issues that such expropriation studies in local governments in Turkey, "a role model" it was.

The largest expropriation on Homer Avenue
During the period of Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality paid the highest price of expropriation between 2004-2019 and the opening of Homer Boulevard (known as Flying Road among the public). 156 million pounds of land was bought for this purpose.

2006 since the move to move the landslide in Kadifekale and citizens living here in the mass housing paid for the figure, that day, approached the value of 101 million pounds. This is 37.5 million pounds with Agora excavation work, 32.7 million pounds in Karabaglar with the Friendship Boulevard, 29.8 million pounds with the Opera house and landscaping, 29.3 million pounds in Gaziemir Fair Izmir land, 45 million pounds Kadifekale Cultural Facility Area, Archeology and Historical Park area with 30 million pounds, Ancient Theater Area with 11,9 million pounds, Çiğli Balatçık-Harmandalı connection road with 26.4 million pounds, Bornova Hamdi Dalan Junction with 23.1 million pounds, Evka 22.9 Metro Station with 3 million pounds, 20.5 million pounds and Mersinli Indoor Sports Hall followed.

IZSU also expropriated the 8 million 825 thousand square meters and invested in 114 million liras for investments related to sewage treatment plant, wells, storage areas, drinking water, canal, storm water and creek breeding, especially in Tahtalı Dam and Gördes Dam absolute protection areas.

10 floor space when the business grows ..
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, eyse Almost no expropriation of the project has become unable to do. We needed to realize the investments that will open the way for the city, to open new roads and main arteries and to realize our new projects. Kent Chairman Kocaoglu continued as follows:

Tı In 2004, our area of ​​responsibility has grown, and 110 has grown from one thousand hectares to one thousand hectares. So 550 was a fold increase. Then came 5 more than a thousand hectares. 650 multiplied by the increase in the amount of problems, the 5 will increase the number of problems more easily say that we've rolled up. It was a lot of work, but we were never afraid of work. We worked intensively on infrastructure investments for the development of İzmir. But as we realized our projects, the land constraint was a major obstacle. Although the cost is very high, we tried to overcome these obstacles by expropriation. In fact, the cost of expropriation of some of our investments was much more than the cost of construction. Öyle

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