10 Take Off Set to Izmir Port

izmir seaport
izmir seaport

The Republic of Turkey State Railways operated by the Port of Izmir Investment Program in 2018 years 10 sets were obtained pulls ads.

The contract price for 5 million 575 thousand 650 pounds, and the ship waiting time is expected to be shorter with pull sets. In addition, these sets will improve berth and vehicle efficiency, reduce operating and maintenance-repair costs, and ensure customer satisfaction.

The container handling capacity of Izmir Port is annually 1 million 164 thousand 917 ”twenty feet“ equivalent (TEU) and ship acceptance capacity is at 2 bin 767 ship level.

647 bin 715 TEU container, 775 thousand 529 tons of bulk cargo, 2 million 407 tons of bulk solid, 474 thousand 285 tons of bulk liquid, 396 thousand 383 tons of bulk liquid cargo handled in the port last year, 234 million 438 thousand XNUMX pounds were obtained in the port.
Expanding port capacity

Capacity building activities have also been carried out recently in İzmir Port. In this context, the total 350 found a depth of minus 12 meters by scanning a thousand cubic meters. This step is expected to increase the average 200-300 container increase per ship. The said study aims to increase port revenues and contribute to the national economy.

In addition, excavator and wharf construction project, the purchase of excavator and 127 meter berth projects are also included in this year's investment program.

These projects are planned to increase the attraction of the port.

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