The Way to Shorten Transportation to Istanbul Airport

Northern Marmara Motorway
Northern Marmara Motorway

Kınalı-Odayeri section of the Northern Marmara Motorway Çatalca-Yassıören line and the route of Habibler-Başakşehir intersections will be opened with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan.

When the Çatalca-Yassıören section of the Northern Marmara Motorway is opened to traffic, Çatalca will be reached from Istanbul Airport by 26 kilometers to the 13 minutes. Transportation to central residential areas on the European side of Istanbul will also be relieved.

With the new motorway network, the total length of the Northern Marmara Motorway, which is one of the largest metropolises in the world and the interstate passage of Istanbul, is expected to reduce the traffic load.

Within the scope of the works, the most important crossing point of the project was opened to traffic between Odayeri and Kurtköy, including Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. Çatalca-Yassıören and Habibler-Başakşehir intersections were completed in Kınalı-Odayeri line. These lines will be opened today by President Erdoğan and Minister Turhan.

Secure and fast access

The Northern Marmara Motorway has been designed to reduce the traffic density within the city and existing Bosphorus bridges and to ensure the transit of vehicles without access to city traffic, with high standard, uninterrupted, safe and comfortable way.

The investment amount of 180 million dollars of the highway's 15,3 kilometer length of Çatalca-Yassıören section, opened last year, the 25,3 kilometers of the Yassıören-Odayeri section is located in the continuation.

With the opening of the Çatalca-Yassıören section to the traffic, the regional traffic from the urbanization and industrialization around the main transportation arteries in the east-west direction in the North-Marmara Region will be separated and the existing traffic will be separated and secured.

Transportation to Istanbul Airport will be shortened

From Çatalca to Istanbul Airport, you can reach 26 minutes by the 13 kilometer motorway. Transportation to the central residential areas on the European side of Istanbul will also be relieved.

Çatalca, Istanbul on the Anatolian side of Kurtköy, and around the time of particularly busy traffic, the 2-3 hours of travel time, using the Northern Marmara Motorway and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will be reduced to approximately 110 kilometers and the journey can be carried out in 50 minutes.

7 of the project. In the Habibler-Başakşehir intersections with an investment amount of approximately 15 million dollars, the motorway section of the 1,1 kilometer will be opened to traffic.

1,2 billion dollars investment has been made so far within the scope of Kınalı-Odayeri Section of Northern Marmara Motorway Project.

Current Railway Tender Schedule

Salt 17
Salt 17

Tender Notice: Rubber Coating of Level Crossing at Tekirdağ-Muratlı Line

September 17 @ 14: 00 - 15:00
Organizer: TCDD
444 8 233
For 19

Tender Notice: Spring Clamp Purchase

September 19 @ 10: 00 - 11:00
Organizer: TCDD
444 8 233
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