IMM Youth Council 'Nursery' at the Service of Children

ibb young people with kresbus
ibb young people with kresbus

The IMM Youth Council contributes to the development and socialization of children in a different environment in the 39 district of Istanbul with kendilerini Kreshbüs ine, a thematic bus system. In Kreşbüs, which provides mobile nursery services; With different themes and equipment, education programs are applied to children.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the Youth Assembly, has implemented the “Nursery l application for children. It contributes to the development and socialization of children and young people in a different environment with buses, which include theme and equipment suitable for different fields such as entrepreneurship, cinema, history, culture, art and children's education.
As a result of the activities carried out on nursery-thematic buses, it leads the continuation of the learning activity in different places outside the school. The nursery serves as a nursery; It was designed in such a way that children could be educated and play.

Equipped with the appropriate equipment for the age group of 0-6, regular training programs are implemented in order to contribute to the development of children. In the 39 district of Istanbul, the Kırkbuk service, which regularly serves, has benefited more than a thousand children.
The practice of nursing plays an active role in the activities organized by IMM Youth Council. Some of the activities organized in the kindergarten are;
• Smile with Healthy Teeth,
• Tale Expressions,
• World Children's Rights Day,
• 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day Activities.

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