Test Drives Started in Gaziray

gul in the seat of the patriarchs sat gaziray test surusu began
gul in the seat of the patriarchs sat gaziray test surusu began

Within the scope of the Gaziray Suburban Line Project to be realized by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, test drives started on the Gaznay Line of 5 kilometers between Seyrantepe-Göllüce-Taşlıca.


Gaziray, which was built two years ago within the framework of the protocol between Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, in order to relieve the urban traffic, will connect the city center, 6 pieces Organized Industrial Zone and small industrial zones. With the huge investment of 16 billion TL budget that will be composed of 1,2 station, the existing 25 kilometer subway line will be renewed and the black train will be converted to Gaziray. The test drives in Gaziray, which is expected to be operational within one year, were launched between Seyrantepe-Göllüce-Taşlıca. Gaziray, which aims to carry a daily 200 passenger in the first place, will take the city's traffic load.


Attending the test drive, Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gül said that he was very pleased to see a beautiful development on the spot and said, Abd We are the main witness to the realization of a dream. With the ever-growing population of Gaziantep, the intensity of transportation in the traffic caused both pollution and traffic density. In this sense, the need for a serious hand in the city emerged. President Fatma Sahin, the city's traffic and transportation problem for a long time was dealing with the problem. Transportation is not just a year or two, but we are seeing one of the fruits of today after good work to solve the 50 annual problems. We are witnessing a very important development in which all of our citizens, employees, youth and the elderly will benefit from the problem of traffic and in a cleaner environment Gaziantep will have a cleaner environment. Thus, we will bring our Gaziray project to Xnumx kilometers long. President of the Republic, a subway gospel of Gaziantep visit last week. It's a difficult project to do without government support behind the Metro. Thanks to our President Gaziantep's needs and problems. We will also continue to serve in the new era. We will integrate Gaziray and Metro. We'il solve the city's traffic problem. We will always be next to our city Her.


Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin reminded that the construction of the Gaziray Suburban Line started two years ago, and thanked the ministers and deputies, especially the President, for Gaziray to come to its end point.

Şahin said, c We will start our test drive by saying erek Bismillâhirrahmânirrahîm c with a great team work. As our city grew very fast, we made a master plan of transportation and zoning, and we had to strengthen the iron networks to strengthen the transportation in the city. We have reached the final stage of the project which has transformed the land train line into a high-speed train, Gaziray. We start the 5 mileage test. In the Hospitals and Hotels Zone, we are landing 5 miles underground with its open closure system, and its tender is made next month. The test drive will open the 5 mileage line. 2019 We will be carrying passengers in July. We signed the protocol with the Islamic Development Bank. We'il get our wagons fast. The hardest part is behind. Project huge effort, wanted very powerful coordination, our Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Republic of Turkey State Railways have tried in full coordination with the company relating to all the staff, especially the general manager. Our work with the State Railways actually shows the development of the city along with the traffic question of the city. In the world, when preparing reports on cities; We have increased the green area of ​​7 in our period of time when we get the green area per person, we are looking at the question of how you woven your city with two iron nets. Following this study, Metro's transportation master plan and implementation project was completed, it came to the groundbreaking point, we will draw the city with iron nets. We will continue my way by increasing the quality of life of the city and the satisfaction of citizens. Şehr

After the speeches, Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul, President Fatma Sahin and his retinue, participated in the Gaziray test drive.

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