Free Public Transportation Period Has Started in Antalya!

mass transport in antalya was free
mass transport in antalya was free

📩 25/03/2019 10:14

”Between 05.00-07.00 and 19.00-21.00 hours, buses with AU plates in the city center, buses with black picture plates and rail transportation are free“

Public transportation was free in the center of Antalya
Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Türel, a good news to the people of Antalya X to the residents of Antalya until today, comfortable, modern comfortable and environmentally friendly vehicles with ease of public transport President Türel, 23 March Saturday in the city center of the bus with AU plate buses, black official platter busses and rail The system was free.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, adds a new service to transportation services. President Türel, who has provided transportation to the people of Antalya with comfortable, modern, comfortable and environmentally friendly vehicles, gave a better service to his compatriots. President Türel 'Public transportation in the city center in Antalya is free. A question may come to everyone's mind about how it will be. As you know, it is the evening hours, which are busy hours in public transportation, working hours in the morning or working hours. Especially at these times, we are complaining about the fact that our public transportation vehicles are very congested and even they cannot take passengers because of the congestion. Now, we will carry 05.00 and 07.00 in the morning, 19.00 in the evening and 21.00 all our passengers free of charge in public transportation. So we're going to reduce the intensity during those very busy hours. This application will contribute to the budget of our citizens, the municipality will reduce the number of vehicles during the peak hours will allow us to save. The biggest effect of this application will be to relieve traffic during peak hours. Bu

Free transport app will not suffer shopkeepers
President Türel stated that this application will be implemented in the city center, namely Muratpaşa, Konyaaltı, Kepez, Döşemealtı and Aksu for the time being, ve We make the application shoulder to shoulder with our public transportation tradesmen and we do it in hand. As you know, we have implemented our pool system in which our public transportation trades collects transportation revenue. As a result of this system, we pay a fixed price every month from the revenue collected by our public transportation tradesmen. This is how many passengers now carry a fixed amount of fixed income. This new system will not create a problem for our public transportation trades. For this reason, we are able to offer free transportation to the city's official black-plate buses and rail system on AU-plate buses belonging to our public transport tradesmen included in the pool system. We are not able to implement the free boarding application on the terminal buses of non-tradesmen who are not involved in the pool system in small minibuses working in rural areas with little share in transportation and who are not included in the pool system. However, in the coming period, we will try to include the consent of our tradesmen in this system. Ancak

Peak traffic traffic will decrease
President Türel stated that this system, which will be implemented in the city center 5 district, can be implemented upon agreement with the tradesmen in the districts. Başkan If our tradesmen in our districts want the pool system, we will extend the same practice and we will relax our citizens and tradesmen. When the 10 and 05.00 and 07.00-19.00 watches are almost free of charge, with the 21.00 capacity of our buses, the traffic intensity will be relieved. Acak The congestion experienced during the departure and return times will be eliminated with the free transportation that we will make during the specified time İş.

Application 23 started from March to March
Ecek Every citizen can benefit from free transportation between these hours, Tür said Türel. President Menderes Türel stated that these hours were determined by experts within the framework of long-term research. Ender On the one hand, a tremendous savings will be obtained while providing free transportation to the citizen. At the same time, this application that relieves urban traffic is good for my fellow Antalya residents, içi he said.

I'm heralded today for imitating our projects.
President Türel, 14 Recalling that the last week at the bu Aşkım Antalya et Project Introductory Meeting in February, Antalya said that there will be great surprises for the people of Antalya, leri I wanted to give this gospel especially today as our rival political party candidates imitated our projects. I always say. As long as we are, there are services. These practices had spent Menderes Turel's still life in Turkey will be an application. We never acted with daily concerns while working day and night to make Antalya the world champion. 23 will continue for 5 years without any interruption.

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