First Alanya Akdag Ski Festival was held

first alanya akdag ski festival was held
first alanya akdag ski festival was held

Alanya Akdag Ski Specialization and Sports Club by a ski resort in Alanya kazanThe First Alanya Akdağ Ski Festival, hosted by Alanya, was held with the participation of 350 people.

Alanya Governor Mustafa Harputlu attended the event and supported the promotion of Akdağ. In order to be Akdağ Ski Center, a yoga event was organized and the universe was energized. In the snow, slip and race race, snow wrestling race and snow sympathetic sculpture race activities were held.


In the first round of the competition, the first was Fatih Kaygısız, the second was Serdar Çelik and the third was Gamze Özçelik. In the second round of the competition, the first Yusuf Hanergin, the second Vildan Rende and the third Kadir Savıcı. First race was Adem Emiroglu, Kubilay Karakulak and Ali Sarıdemir. The first symphonic sculpture race was Orhan Kurt, the second was Soner Gondoloğlu and the third was Mesut Durmaz. The winners took their awards from the organization officials.

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