Eskişehir City Hospital Tram Line Service Started

eskisehir city hospital tram line started service
eskisehir city hospital tram line started service

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality opened the Emek City Hospital tram line, which it completed with great speed, into service with a ceremony. Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor Büyükerşen stated that with the support of the people of Eskişehir, they made the city one of the exemplary cities of both Turkey and the world, and stated that they will continue to provide important services to Eskişehir by working with great devotion after March 31.

By making a great investment in urban transportation, the tram lines are taken from Emek Mahallesi to the City Hospital, and then Sultandere and 75. Extending to the neighborhood of the year, the Metropolitan Municipality opened the first phase of the Labor-71 Evler-City Hospital with a ceremony. Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen, Eskişehir CHP deputies Jale Nur Süllü and Utku Çakırözer, Odunpazarı Mayor Kazım Kurt, 71 Evler District Headman Emir Dişbudak and many Eskişehir attended.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mayor Büyükerşen stated that the tram network, which started with the first stage of 16 kilometers, will reach 60 kilometers with the completion of new lines. Büyükerşen said, “Today, we are opening the new tram line from Emek-71 Evler to the City Hospital. 15 has been over the years since Eskişehir met the tram system. As you know, in our first line of 16 kilometers, we connected Eskişehir's hospitals, universities and regions where many public institutions and organizations are located. In the second stage, the length of our tram lines increased from 16 kilometers to 42 kilometers, and the number of vehicles increased from 18 to 33. Yenikent - Çankaya, Batıkent - Çamlıca and Emek - 71 3. We started the stage studies. Here is 3 today. We are opening the first line of our stage project. With this line, you will be able to reach the City Hospital in a much more comfortable and shorter time. This line is followed by Sultandere and 75 after City Hospital. The year will go up to the neighborhoods. From here to the City Hospital, then from Sultandere and 75. Year This line extending to our neighborhoods is 8.5 kilometers long. I just want you to know one more detail here. Since the location of the City Hospital was not in the 1 / 25 thousand plans that we prepared, this line did not exist when we determined the line routes of the 3 stage. However, after the finalization of the hospital, we added this line although it was not in our plans. Otherwise, we were aiming to reach the northern neighborhoods of the city at this stage, but when this hospital business came into play, we had to postpone there. We completed this first line by giving priority to the construction of our people, that is, you, my dear citizens from Eskişehir. Now we are opening your service ”.

After the Opera-Kumlubel line opens, we will take the tram to the north of the city

On the other hand, indicating that the work of the Star-Opera-Kumlubel line continues rapidly Büyükerşen, gave the good news that this line will begin to serve as soon as possible. Büyükerşen-Our friends are doing their best to finish the Opera-Kumlubel line on the other side in May-June. They are almost working on 7 hours of 24 days. After all these construction works, our tram line length will be 60 kilometers. In the meantime, all of these tramway construction works while we have enlarged our tram fleet. Skoda brand 14 tram was put into service. With these new trams, the number of vehicles increased to 47. After you have provided these lines to your service, we will take the tram to our neighborhoods in the north of the city. Şirintepe-Esentepe-Sütlüce, Gündoğdu, Fevzi Çakmak and the previous name 2 Eylül Campus, we will take the tram to the Eskişehir Technical University Campus. We are at the stage of completing the feasibility and project works related to those lines. In the new era, we will hit the dig with the permission of Allah. Yeni

Eskişehir City Hospital Tram Line Service Started
Eskişehir City Hospital Tram Line Service Started

Metropolitan Mayor Yilmaz Buyukersen, who expressed support for them in every matter 71 Evler Mahkah in the neighborhood head office opened the new line will contribute to the economic sense of 71 Evler'ye said, wished the line would be beneficial to Eskisehir.

Metropolitan Municipality officials, the line at the 10 minute voyage City Hospital-71 Evler-Labor-Odunpazari-Bazaar-Opera in the direction of the city gate for each other, due to the distances of the entrance of the City Hospital for the convenience of the city from each tram stop of the hospital every 7 one bus per week 3 stated that they would have free ringing at different entry points.

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