Electric Buses to Ease Traffic in Manisa

electric buses manisa to relax the traffic
electric buses manisa to relax the traffic

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergun, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Web TV's Gündem Special program as a guest made the agenda. President Ergün, electric buses started the test drive with the start of the one-way application of the flow of traffic in the traffic flow, said the time is shortened by half.

President Ergun, the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality WEB TV Gündem Special program on the test for a while, continued the clean, comfortable and most importantly, environmentalist electric buses touched on the topic. President Ergün also gave information about the new traffic flow that started to be implemented in the city via UKOME. Manisa Municipality, completing the transportation master plan in Turkey and together with the metropolitan 3. or 4. big city. You cannot proceed in any way about the radical decisions you take within the province unless you have completed the Master Plan of Transportation. You have to take all kinds of decisions in the new law, new regulations, the UKOME, where the opinions of all institutions are taken. In the first year after we became the metropolitan city, we completed the transportation master plan with a yearly 1-1,5. We have implemented this as the first action at the point of renewal of public transportation vehicles in the provincial center and districts. In the town of 17 today, over a thousand old minibuses, village minibuses, such as renewed vehicles. In addition to this, our 88 bus, which serves to reach our citizens in the district center of the thousand 160 neighborhoods and from the district centers to Manisa center, is working actively in MANULAŞ today. These vehicles serve as GPS-based, camera-based, low-floor buses within MANULAŞ. MAN

Trafik The traffic was locked during the peak of the day “
President Ergün pointed out that the traffic was locked at certain times of the day. After the 15.30-16.00, which was in the early hours of the morning and the evening shift in which the intensity of the service vehicles increased and the turnaround of the service vehicles to the peak hours of the day, traffic in the main arteries of Manisa was blocked. It's not just a case of Manisa. Within the scope of the transportation master plan related to this, we have also mapped the roads of Manisa center. All the work on this is now complete. At the end of this study, we moved from Moris Şinasi Intersection to outer direction, Şeyh Fenari Mosque, Two Lüleli Mosque, Red Bridge and Sultan Mosque line. In the same way, from the newly constructed City Hospital on Seyfettin Bey Street, we took the line one way that will go to Celal Bayar University Hospital by following Moris Şinasi Junction from the front of the Government. Yine

”Our first priority“
Providing information about the objectives of the innovations made in transportation President Ergun, gün In this two-line electric buses primarily intended what. We have 155 pieces of turquoise color in the center of Manisa. About 168-7 has been serving for years. 8 20 meters and 18 2 meters, 25 xNUMX electric buses have been delivered so far 22. When the delivery of these buses is completed, a new garage will come to the center of the city. We did not take over the line because the delivery of the buses was not completed. In Manisa, there were lines on which the 13 bus at the access point had previously worked. We renewed all of these lines. We have worked to shorten transportation times. The newly created 168 even reduced transport time by half. 14 is now in 50 minutes. We made a protocol with 25 cooperatives. 155 1 vehicle as of March, now Manisa Metropolitan Municipality MANULAS company began to work under our control. They're all in our pool. MANULAS on how to do better service to people, here as the company of the Metropolitan Municipality to work with them, to offer better to the citizens will work. Y It will be our priority to provide our citizens with faster transportation by using public transportation instead of using their private vehicles, which will increase the use of public transportation much faster, acak he said.

X The rate of public transport in Manisa is 8 taşıma
Emphasizing that the rate of using public transportation in Manisa is very low, President Ergün said, olduğ The rate of public transport in Manisa is currently 10 percent. A very low rate. Today in all metropolitan cities, the main artery, the backbone is full of decisions about the traffic shift. The 8 institution, which includes transportation agencies such as gendarmerie, fire brigade, security, district governor, district municipality, is in the UKOME. Decisions are taken with the common opinions of all. We only make plans as Department of Transportation, we bring suggestions to UKOME. You prepare and present projects and pads. In the case of complaints from the field, decisions are taken by transferring the petitions from the citizens to UKOME. The decision to be placed in a place is taken even in UKOME. . You have to go through UKOME even in front of the school, in front of the parks, and even a caria to slow down the speedy traffic. Okul

Yol Purpose of preferential paths “
President Ergun, stating that there is a purpose of making preferential roads, sadece preferential way, only electric buses from here and 155 cooperative 168 tool will pass. The information I received from the management of the center of the small industry from the center of the 12 minutes. This time before 30 minutes. The feature of this path is to ensure the flow of traffic. The second reason is that private vehicles and the vehicles passing through the city will be using the one-way route with 4 lanes in some places with 3 lanes, İkinci he said.

”Short stay will be allowed”
Expressing that one-way application will not be allowed to park the car on the routes, Mayor Ergün said, “On these lines, a parking ban was imposed between 06.00 and 09.00, and after 15.00 during the day. Between 19.00 and 09.00 in the morning, for 15.00 hours, from 6 to 19.00 in the evening, our citizens have the right to use the pavement across the preferred road with temporary parking. Between these periods, the citizens were allowed to download and load things for a short period of time, or to park until something came from the shop. The biggest problem stems from everyone's desire to put their vehicle in front of their shop. There is zero occupation application in our main arteries. Zero occupation application taken to enable our citizens, families, mothers to walk comfortably on the pavements. There is 06.00 percent satisfaction in the surveys. Our citizens express that they are happy with this application. 90 percent cut is not satisfied. Who is not happy, these are our tradesmen to take out the goods that will be displayed in front of the shop. As of today, we got the questions of 'Why did you come early' with the shuttle buses of the factories 10 minutes ahead. The half-hour drive is now reached in 15-12 minutes. After that, the service vehicles will go to the service 13 minutes later. Our citizen will leave his home 15 minutes later. Time is very important and precious for man, ”he said.



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