Domestic and National 4 × 4 Light Armored Vehicle Brand N Yörük li

domestic and national x lightweight zirhli vehicle brand yoruk
domestic and national x lightweight zirhli vehicle brand yoruk

NUROL Makina ve Sanayi AS manufactures tactical wheeled armored vehicles and special purpose platforms for domestic and international users. NUROL Makina, one of the pioneers in the sector with its original designs that are especially suited to the needs of the security forces, continuously develops its design and engineering power and offers new designs and technologies to our defense sector.

While the number of Ejder Yalçın battleships in the security forces' inventory has increased, the number of countries preferring the vehicles of the company such as Ejder Yalçın, Yörük and Ejder Toma is increasing. Exports to Africa, Middle East and Central Asia countries, Nurol Machine's turnover in exports, the share of 2012 11 times since the growth of 75'ye reached XNUMX last year.

One of these battleships YÖRÜK, Nurol Makina ve San. A.Ş., built on the engineering experience, has a V-shaped monocoque body and a unique chassis. The latest improvements in the drivetrain and undercarriage systems make the vehicle extremely fast and maneuverable in a variety of conditions. 4 × 4 offers the highest level of mobility and protection performance among light vehicles in the class of light armored vehicles. The vehicle's low weight and mine, ballistic protection, offer users high durability in today's most aggressive and asymmetric threats, as well as superiority in operations.

Thanks to its modular design, Nurol YÖRÜK offers a wide range of products in combat environments such as combat, personnel carrier, air defense and exploration in high-density conflict environments. It offers a range of capabilities from combat systems to reconnaissance troops to combat troops designed for optimum performance and multi-tasking.

Yörük, with its next generation design and features, is a perfect combination of scalable armor and composite material. (ilhamipektas)

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