Signed on the road to Dubrovnik


Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has been built for alternative transportation to Uludag but it is forbidden.

On the one hand, the Metropolitan Municipality, which takes steps to relax the urban transportation on the one hand and the transportation investments, on the other hand, makes the existing roads safer for both vehicles and the roads. The Metropolitan Municipality, as an alternative to the traffic on Çekirge Street, took the necessary measures for the safer use of the access road to Dobruca Street İnkaya. When the warning plates with the 2.60 meter height limit, which acts as a plug-in at both entrances of the road, will be placed, the road will now be able to use only small vehicles.

”The most important issue is human health“

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, Osmangazi District Dobruca Neighborhood in order to provide access to Uludag in a short period of time in the study on the road in 2014 evaluated. The road ahead due to traffic accidents that occurred on the road due to the introduction of large vehicles, but still continue to use the large vehicles, indicating that the President Aktaş, lar Despite the prohibition of entry of buses and trucks here, unfortunately from time to time due to a violation of the unfortunate accidents occur, we know . The most important issue in life is human health and at the end of the day everyone reaches home and family with health. We have done our part as the Metropolitan Municipality. In order to prevent large vehicle drivers such as buses, minibuses, trucks and trucks from using this route, Steel Constructions were installed at the entrances and exits of the Transportation Department. In this way, the entrance height of the vehicle is limited by 2 meters 60 centimeters and the entry of banned vehicles is physically blocked. Bu

President Aktaş warned that citizens who use this road in transportation to Uludağ should be cautious and stated that they are working on all roads for pedestrian and vehicle safety.

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