Demirtaş is at the New Bridge

demirtas new koprusune kavustu
demirtas new koprusune kavustu

The opening of the bridge, sports facility and electoral coordination office, which Demirtaş District looked forward to, was held with the participation of close citizens of 4000.

The opening of the sports facility of Demirtaş Bridge, which was offered to the services of the Aliefendi, İspatlı, İshaklı, Seki and Kargicak Neighborhoods, was opened with the ribbon cut with the citizens. For years, fearing to collapse the bridge they used just next to the 50 meters, the Municipality of Alanya Adem Murat Yücel kept the promise to the people of the region and built a new, large and modern bridge. The old bridge is one of the biggest fears of the people of the region. For the opening ceremony of the Demirtaş Bridge, which was completed by the Mayor of Alanya and the common candidate of the Presidency of the Republic, Mr. Adem Murat Yücel, the opening ceremony of the sports facility and the election coordination center, which was completed earlier than the planned time, opened with the people of the region. The people of the region showed great interest in the meeting, which took place in the style of the opening ceremony. With the participation of thousands of citizens, they closed the new road.

PRESIDENT YÜCEL: '' We can build the bridge from the base to the bridge ''

Aliefendi, İspatlı, İshaklı, Seki and Kargıcak Demirtaş Bridge, which we offer to the service of our 22 rural neighborhood together with our neighborhoods, have good luck to our people in our region, to our region and to Demirtaş.

The main thing for us is to build hearts from the heart. We, if you could win your love, your consent, your love, if we were able to take your place in your hearts, then we consider ourselves to serve you.



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