Mountain Bike Supported by IMM Night Bike to Breath

mountain bike
mountain bike

Bicycle enthusiasts, with the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 8. will meet at the BO-CE Mountain Bike Night Race. 10 will be held in Maçka Democracy Park on Sunday, March and will be open to the participation of athletes of all ages.

Turkey's Maçka Democracy Park around the track will be built in the future athletes and citizens will compete with each other. The event, which is open to the participation of athletes of all ages, will take place in the categories of elite men, women, junior, U23, 30 - 40 master, 50 + master. Professional athletes and citizens who want to participate in the race will be able to register in the event area between 14.00 and 16.00 hours on the race day.

Children's athletes from the age of 2-5 will be on the track before the big stage of the organization starts. With this bike, which is not equipped with a pedal, children will try to stand on balance and compete to be the first with their feet. The first child's prize will also be a balance bike.

Cups, medals and various gifts will be given to the winners. In addition, the athlete of the race, which is the symbol of the organization to print the golden name of the muscle.

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