'Electric Carriages' Coming to Kordon


Izmir Metropolitan Municipality turns two of the Victoria Classic type phaetons in Kordon into an electric carriage. These quiet vehicles, which will begin to serve from June, can carry 4 adults and 1 children except the driver.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has been continuing its activities continuously since its establishment in 2012, is being renewed with two electric carriages that will be added to it. In line with the studies initiated in January, two Victorian Classic type carriages belonging to the enterprise are being converted to electric carriages. The phaetons, whose first controls are planned to be built in the second half of May, will start operating as of June 2019. New vehicles, designed for use in traffic with technical additions such as the brake system, rear view mirrors, headlamp and turn signals, will be capable of carrying 4 adults and 1 children except the driver.

Between Harbor and Konak Pier
36 Haflinger horse, which was brought from Austria by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, continues to serve in Victoria Classic style carriages at Kordon. The phaetons between the harbor and Konak Pier can take passengers between the routes. Carriers at hourly charters with the decision of UKOME (Transport Coordination Center), Vasıf Çınar, Plevne Boulevard, Talatpaşa Street, Şair Eşref Boulevard, Kültürpark (except for the Enternasyonel İzmir Fair process) and its surroundings, Basmane Square and its surroundings, Ayavukla Church, Hotel Street, Agora, Kemeraltı and its surroundings. covering the route.

Special shelter for horses
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZULAŞ company for horses and phaetons in the specially made shelter, semi-covered barn system with each horse's own stable, 2500 square foot padok (horses for outdoor navigation), covered carpark, warehouses and administrative building is located. Here, all kinds of health checks and interventions are carried out by the veterinarian in order to ensure that the horses are in good health and healthy lives. The horses are operated for a period of time not exceeding 7 hours and 6 days per week, and in rest they are rested in the paddock and barn.

Foreign language education
The drivers of the phaeton, who are working in İZULAŞ, are wearing special clothes. Drivers long-sleeved, Spanish model, dominated collared shirt; Wearing black color pants, leathery base, pointed toe, round heeled shoes and wears a black hat. Trainers who had communication skills, in-house behavior, anger management, emotion control and speaking skills were trained in English to communicate with tourists.

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