World Smart Cities Congress Istanbul 2019 Begins


”World Intelligent Cities Congress Istanbul'4 Büyük, hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was held this year for 19; IBB President and AK Party Büyükçekmece Mayor Candidate Mevlüt Uysal, Industry and Science Minister Mustafa Varank, AK Party IMB Presidential Candidate Binali Yildirim with a ceremony attended by a large number of domestic and foreign professionals. Speaking at the ceremony, Uysal said, hizmet As municipalities, we care about smart systems in the services we need to offer to people. We aim to raise Istanbul to a city that pioneered the production and development of intelligent systems. İstanbul

. World Smart Cities Congress Istanbul'4 ehir, which was hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality this year, has begun on 19. The congress and fairground at the Eurasia Show and Art Center will be open until 19 March. Turkey and pioneering smart urban transformation in the world of domestic and foreign firms have developed a new generation of intelligent systems, took place in the stands. In this giant platform where the ideas, projects and designs related to the technological systems of the future will be discussed, 15 will be hosted more than one thousand professionals.

Opening ceremony was held for UM World Smart Cities Congress Istanbul'19 ”which brings together all the stakeholders of smart city systems. At the ceremony; AK Party IBB Presidential Candidate Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, IBB President and AK Party Büyükçekmece Candidate Candidate Mevlüt Uysal, many domestic and foreign guests, academics, experts, industry representatives and participants took part.

In his speech at the ceremony, Uysal emphasized that with the development of technology, priorities have been changed in daily life., The concept we call smart cities is to provide the human mind with a more functional and practical operation by loading the objects on the objects. The increase in the population in the city centers brings back problems. Centuries ago, 'Where and how can we bring water to Istanbul?' Now it is thought, 'How can we improve this city on certain issues such as accessibility, transportation, social activities?' is the answer to the question. Nowadays, communication and technology are developing rapidly. Approximately 20 years ago, the phone entering our lives, today almost everything is entrusted, it was unthinkable that it could turn into a mobile system. Yaklaşık

UYSAL: I We would like to prioritize the production and development of intelligent systems UY
Uysal stated that they attach importance to the development and implementation of smart systems. 00 years ago, fiber optic cables are considered to be comfort, but now, smart systems are becoming widespread, wireless infrastructure services are accelerating, producing and developing a vision of being a city is a must for realization. As municipalities, we care about smart systems in the services we need to offer to people. We aim to raise Istanbul to a city that leads to the production and development of intelligent systems. We believe that this congress will last 20, academics, experts, private and public companies; urban life becomes more comfortable, intelligent urbanism will be the answer to the question of what can be done in cities under the vision of the city. Technology has a meaning if it serves human beings. If it doesn't serve there is a problem. Here we are trying to produce technologies that will serve human beings with this understanding, İşte he said.

Varank said that they will invest in Istanbul for the production of new generation technologies. 10 will meet over a thousand professional. We will use the possibilities of technology in the best way in our cities and we will open new horizons with smart cities. With the smart city solutions we will implement in Esenler, we will implement the first smart city and mobility application test center of our country. In Europe, we will build a city where the latest applications of electrical and autonomous vehicles can be tried in the real environment. The technology development zone to be established in Esenler; In the heart of Istanbul, IT will be an economic center where software and smart city technologies are developed and produced. National Technology moves us to spread all over Turkey, to raise awareness of the technology and production in the best way we want to evaluate the unique potential of our young people, "he said.

Yıldırım said that 4 will establish a new base for the production of domestic and national technologies. The Internet of Things also relies on the basic process of 2021, which we define as receptor-measuring, nervous system-communication, memory-transmitted storage, storage and analysis of brain-recordings, decision-making and application. From the perfect system of the Creator, for example; we have to measure everything in the city; storage, large data to analyze and make decisions from synthesis. We will adapt all services offered by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with this transformation and transformation with Istanbul 52.2 model. This will be the base for 2020 where these technologies will be produced. These;

Bayrampaşa center artificial intelligence (software and computing 4.0i) Technology Base will be Turkey.
An Industrial Development Zone will be established in Pendik where R&D (4.0 of Clean Industry) will be invested extensively.
Agricultural Technologies Base will be established in Eyüpsultan, which will develop new generation agriculture (4.0 of Agriculture) applications.
Biotechnology Valley in Tuzla (4.0 of Health). It will break new ground in the field of health. As we pave the way for public universities, these centers will fill for our entrepreneurs and the private sector, will make Turkey's competitiveness in strategic sectors summit. These ideas will be branded and marketed to the world with the design center to be established in Haydarpaşa. In these bases, ideas in the field of urbanism and governance; projects, investments will arise. Hand in hand with young people; We will develop smart applications in all areas of urbanism, from transportation to energy, from security to infrastructure. ”

Emphasizing that they need young brains for the development of technologies and they will encourage them in all areas, Yıldırım said, “We will do these projects for a livable, safer, more productive, greener and greener Istanbul, not as a project, but to follow the technology. To do this, we need new professions, young brains grown in these fields, new technologies and products. We will encourage young entrepreneurs in all areas. We will open various big data collected in Istanbul to young people and entrepreneurs anonymously within the framework of personal data protection and security. Smart city needs will also be provided from here. So it will come to Istanbul, it will come with young people. Istanbul, which has kept pace with the age, is the pioneer of technological developments, is more livable, more peaceful, safer and more comfortable to reach, will be a center of attraction. In this way, Istanbul will attract international investors and will become a financial center that day. The result of all this will be more jobs, more jobs and an increased level of welfare for Istanbul residents. Istanbul 4.0 will be the pioneer of the new information revolution with our 5.5 million young people. Turkey will sırtlayan along the way to becoming a global power. In short, imagine as much as you can for Istanbul. There are 18 days left to do the applications that will challenge your dreams. The decision is yours. If we come to this position with the support of Istanbul, we will do great things. We have no hesitation, "he said.

After the speeches, the mayor and the AK Party Büyükçekmece candidate candidate Uysal; AK Party IBB Presidential Candidate Binali Yildirim with Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank gave a special Istanbulkart as a gift. With the participation of the protocol delegation, the opening ribbon of the congress was discontinued. Afterwards, Yıldırım, Uysal and Varank visited the stands in the exhibition area. Yıldırım visited the stand of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and received information from the authorities about the new generation smart systems. Within the scope of the Zero Waste vision, the IMM subsidiary examined closely the Smart Recycling Container developed by ISBAK. The IMM subsidiary examined the waste-recycling products by ISTAÇ.

15 9 separate session will be held in March. In the sessions where academicians, experts, local and foreign sector representatives will participate; issues such as entrepreneurship and economic development, innovative technologies, big data and city management, energy, environment, transportation and governance will be discussed in the perspective of smart cities.

Fair; İBB subsidiaries ISBAK, İSTAÇ, İSPARK, BELBİM, İSTTELKOM, BİMTAŞ, ENERJİ AŞ, İSTON, İGDAŞ, METRO ISTANBUL, UGETAM and MEDIA and IETT, İSKİ and the related department stands. There are many domestic and foreign distinguished companies working in the field of smart city systems and public companies are waiting for their visitors at the fair.

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