Kahramanmaras Presidency Smart City Book

comic book
comic book

Kahramanmaraş, which is the Cumhur Smart City hazır with the systems developed by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kahramanmaraş, took its place in the in Smart Cities sistem book prepared by the Presidency.

In the smart cities book prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization under the auspices of the Presidency, Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality took its place with its smart city applications. 12 world, from Turkey, where the city's eight books on innovative and sustainable smart cities, smart cities took place with Kahramanmaras te solution.

Intelligent Elderly Care and Coordination Center (Spiritual Sons Button), Traffic Management System, Intelligent Stall, City Information System, Smart Meter System, Cemetery Information System, st Kahramanmaras Bilgi and Bilgi Kahramankart i Mobile Application, CBS SUDABIS Infrastructure Information System Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality uses the technology that is in need of the age in the areas it serves with smart city applications.

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