On The Railroad In Bursaray


As a result of a car crashed on the rail system line in Ankara Road, the stop of the BursaRay Kestel expedition was solved without any passengers being victimized.

In the statement made by BURULAŞ, today 12.32 meter at 30 30 meters to the line, a car on the highway, the rail system line strikes the wires of the protection line as a result of striking the train line, the train to the entrance of Sirinevler BursaRay Station XNUMX meters to the train on the track telfenslerin notice on the danger brake was stopped.

Emergency services to open the line of technical studies are done to record the authorities, due to the incident due to the train 12.32 and 13.40 hours between the Arabayatagi, Kestel between the transfer made, additional reinforcement for the addition of additional bus services in the system of passengers reported that there was no hitchhiking.

While the incident was resolved before the passengers were victimized, the rail system lines returned to normal course at 13.40 after approximately one hour of operation.


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