Public Transportation Will Be The Reason For Preference in Bursa

Mass transportation will be the reason for preferring
Mass transportation will be the reason for preferring

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş listened to the problems of the residents of Beyazıt Mahallesi, where he came together in the abundance table, and said that the necessary studies will be started for the solution of the priority problems.

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş met with the citizens of Beyazıt District this morning as part of the abundance table event. Bereket Mosque in the morning prayer that makes President Aktas, breakfast with the citizens did in the morning. To listen to the problems in the first hand and in order to see the site in the town of İnegöl 15 launched the application before the Bursa reminded the President Aktas, the citizens expressed their wishes and demands carefully.

Number of passengers will increase by 4 floor

Addressing the residents of the neighborhood following the breakfast in the mosque, President Aktaş said that they produce deep-rooted solutions regarding the traffic and transportation which is the most important problem of Bursa. Underlining the fact that they started to work in line with the transportation master plan, President Aktaş said, ur While you are sleeping in your home, we are working for the optimization of the rail system signaling between the night time 01.00 and 05.00. With this investment of approximately 120 million, waiting times will be reduced from 3.75 to 2 minutes. We will provide more comfortable, quality and economical transportation to our people. Only this work with the number of passengers per day 287 thousand 460 thousand will be released. Besides, we extend the University line to Başükle Kızılcıklı Başköy. We'il get the Labor Line to the city hospital. We will integrate the T2 Line into the main system by taking the underground from 1200 to Kent Square. In addition, the President gave the good news of the 28.8 kilometers from Gürsu, Yildirim Osmangazi and Nilüfer'dan Çalı will extend, with the line will go completely underground with the number of passengers per day 1 million 100 thousand will remove, "he said.

More attractive transportation

Expressing that the only solution to the problem of transportation in Bursa is the widespread use of public transport culture, Chairman Aktaş said, Başkan While the population of 2017 increased in our 30, the number of motor vehicle 51 increased by a thousand. In 2018, our population is 58 thousand and the number of motor vehicles has increased by 75 thousand. In other words, the number of motorized vehicles increases more than our population. Therefore, we need to expand the public transport culture in order to ease our traffic. Our ongoing work on the rail system and our new lines will provide our citizens with such facilities that our people will no longer prefer public transportation instead of traveling by car. Public transport will be more attractive, Toplu he said.



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