Buca Metro Project 1 is waiting for 3 for daily business

buca metro project has been waiting for the year
buca metro project has been waiting for the year

The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu continued his farewell visits in Kemalpaşa. In Turkey, asphalting project the starting point of the ruins also suffered Mayor Kocaoglu the plains road for the first time applied in Izmir, "He's been 6 thousand 500 km land route daily, so we here paved the way in the distance extend to China. Today, this project began where I came to say good-bye, Bugün he said.

The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu was in the Kemalpaşa district and neighborhoods as part of his farewell visits before the 31 March Local Elections. Ören, Çambel, Akalan, Sütçüler, Defeated, Ansızca, Kuyucak, Damlacık and the citizens of Ulucak met with the President Aziz Kocaoglu, both farewell and 15 for their support for years, thanking the Kemalpaşa Süt helallik amb wanted. President of the Republican People's Party's Republican People's Party candidate Kemalpaşa Rıdvan Karakayalı, CHP District President Mehmet Ayçil and council members were accompanied.

Where he started farewell
Following the changes in the Law on Metropolitan reminded that they start from Kemalpasa the project paving the way land Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, "the first time paved the way land was in ruins in Turkey's history. We've finished most of the terrain in the city. Since then, we have paved the way for the 6 bin 500 km road, from here to the bird flight to China. Today, this project began where I came to say good-bye, Bugün he said.
15 248 million pounds in Kemalpaşa in the year of the invested President vodaoglu voicing, as well as the land roads, the infrastructure of the district was completed to a large extent, he said. Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, the farmer, the livestock for the development of the work they are working there with the power, said: ç Mayor is a flag race, not a profession. 15 years of this task without spreading a stain, justice, leaving people, without allocating the money of the municipality, 4 million 350 thousand Izmir have seen the right to use, "he said.

I'm talking about state figures
On the eve of the election, many issues were brought to the attention of the Mayor, the Metropolitan Mayor Kocaoglu, said:
"State of the archive, Turkey Statistical Institute figures're gonna talk to him anyway. The ruling party's provincial head, 'Izmir, 70 billion pounds have invested,' he says. Official records of the state '15 billion pounds' he says. We have invested 17,5 billion pounds in the municipality. We made this investment without taking a penny out of the money should be sent legally blind because İzmir is a province depends on the Republic of Turkey. Mr. Zeybekçi also always shows Denizli as an example for Denizli. Izmir 2004-2017 tax to Ankara 429 billion pounds sent a tax. In return, the state has sent 105 billion pounds for all expenses, including the salaries of its staff. Only 15 billion in this investment. Continuous 10 years shown in Denizli, 2004 2017 16 sent up to 1 billion pounds, in exchange 20 received a billion pounds. Now tell me; Is Izmir developed or developed Denizli? Izmir forward, Denizli or advanced? İzmir

1 are waiting for 3 years for daily work
Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, AKP Provincial Chairman Aydin Sengul'ın Buca Metro project from Ankara to be approved in a way "there is absolutely a missing," he replied as follows:
"Rail system in Izmir, Turkey, a town pupil. I took over the 11 km rail system. Currently running 179 km. The construction of 7,5 km continues. The Buca metro is all right. It was approved by the General Directorate of Infrastructures. He is currently in the Ministry of Development. It will be signed by writing a superscriptive letter. I've been waiting three years for a day job. "

Sheep distribution is sabotaged
President Aziz Kocaoglu stated that they have been carrying out many projects for the development of the countryside and said that the sheep goat distribution they carry out for the development of small livestock breeding has been imposed on political obstacles. President Kocaoğlu reminded the breeding of sheep and goat breeds from the Izmir Sheep Goat Breeders Association for many years. We, too, look at the ladies at home 25-30 sheep, we have started this work because it comes as a minimum wage. There was some conflict in the Union. Then Izmir Provincial Agriculture Director, 'trustees' was the president of the union. Our sheep goats have begun to interrupt since then. Now we beg you, we get sheep goats. There's no way we can pay for it. We are officially sabotaging our project. Res

What the President does this, what I listen to
Turkey of the AKP municipality as a model for many years, recently many of the city's mayor, Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, indicating headquarters that went bankrupt after receiving the instruction of the task, the same attitude to face the question shaped itself to how an attitude gave the following response: "What is my leader people vote to a elected mayor with a telephone order to leave the task, nor do I listen to such an instruction. I didn't eat sour plum, and you're pain in my stomach. Ek

We will follow in the footsteps of the President
Republican People's Party Kemalpaşa Mayor candidate Rıdvan Karakayalı stating that there is no need to tell Aziz Kocaoglu long, he said, he is the architect of development in the local, the pioneer of the development of the farmer, he is an expert in cooperatives. Mayor Kocaoğlu'nun walking in the path opened by the municipality expressing Karakayalı, said:
Iz We will continue the projects of the Mayor with the future mayor. He will always be our guide. We will always follow in his footsteps. Our President Aziz Kocaoglu has made unthinkable works.

People will never forget you, President. Halk
The former Mayor of Ören, Ali Oğuz said, “We had a very good year with 15. We will never forget you. I would like to thank you on behalf of my people and my people for your investments in our town. We will always be honored and pleased to welcome you in Ören. We love you and wish you a healthy and long life Başkan.
CHP Kemalpaşa City Council Member Candidate and former Mayor of Ulucak Mehmet Turkmen said ayı Saint President has always been our brother. He has not given us any request for a second time. He did what we wanted. We owe a lot of thanks to our brother Aziz ”.

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