This Bus Goes From Gebze to Gebze Suburban Stop!

this bus goes from suburban to suburb
this bus goes from suburban to suburb

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan opened Gebze on March 12Halkalı The suburban line attracts great attention. The suburban line offers passengers a great advantage in terms of time.

Passengers using this line used to beHalkalı The 76 kilometer way between 185 was going per minute. With the opening of the suburban line, the time was reduced to 115 minutes.

İIn order to provide transportation to the Gebze Suburban Line in the port, the 141 MR number, which is connected to the Çayırova-Gebze-İzmit Cooperative, is opened. 400 This line, which opened on March, attracts great interest from the first week. President of Çayırova-Gebze-İzmit Cooperative of 12, Muhammet Kılıç, gave information about the new bus number 141 MR.

Sword, the new line of interest is nice, while hat 200 7 XNUMX number of students who are currently using our line began, Kılı he said.

Gün 12 March on Gebze Halkalı With the opening of the suburban line, our bus 400 MR began to operate. Our bus stops at certain main stops from İzmit Otogardan to Gebze Suburban Stop and makes simultaneous ring service.

There are lines 200-250 in that hallway. Our cooperative has been a victim. Our new line is going well now. The effect of 10-15 during the day will be more apparent. Even more demanding will be super.

For us, this line is currently 10 number. Gebze-Halkalı The suburb would have been done since 2003, but unfortunately it was doomed to 2019. The suburb of Gebze is currently working at 15 every minute. But a very nice passenger from Gebze station. We are removing a vehicle in the 5 minutes at the busiest hours. The longest retention time range is 10.

44 + 4
We currently have 44. From Monday we will add more 4 vehicles. The total number of vehicles will be 48. Hours can be arranged according to the passenger's demand. Currently citizens do not know much. 200 7 5 number of students who are currently using our line began to use. Our fee tariff 70 lira XNUMX kurush Ücret he said. (the enkocael)

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