Who Was Bombardier Established? How did it improve?

how did the bombardier come from
How was Bombardier Developed by Kim

Bombardier Inc. is one of the world's largest train, commercial and private aircraft manufacturers. Founder of the company, headquartered in Montreal, Joseph Armand Bombardieris the mechanical engineer who invented the first commercially available snow engines.

In 1934, Bombardier's 2-year-old son Yvon was sick. Due to the fierce winter conditions in Montreal, her son died because Bombardier could not raise her child to the hospital on time. Bombardier, who was affected by this event, developed a snow engine that would provide transportation in the snow. The first vehicle he produced could carry people from 3. In 1936, B7 Auto-Neige was the first commercial snow vehicle to further develop the Bombardier snow engine, and to provide emergency transport to hospitals, and to transport seven passengers for those in urgent need. The vehicle was first used as an ambulance. Later, when the demands of electricity and postal enterprises, forest enterprises and transportation companies increased, Bombardier established a new company in 1941 and produced 200 snow vehicles per year. In 1942, B12 was developed and started to produce more passengers.

During World War II, the Armed Forces asked the Bombardier to produce a larger-scale snowmobile carrying military soldiers. Bombardier has developed 1900 pieces of vehicles by developing large armored tracked transport vehicles in four different models. In 1947 Bombardier has produced more than 1000 vehicles with new licenses including school vehicles. When the demand for snowmobile decreased between 1947 and 1948, Bombardier began designing land vehicles needed in agriculture, mining, oil and forestry industries.

In 1953 he developed a new all-terrain vehicle called Muskeg. At 1959, he developed the first personal snowmobiling snowmobile Ski-Doo. After the death of Bombardier in 1964, the company opened to new markets including locomotive and light rail transportation. In 1974, he won the tender for the Montreal Metro and produced his first wagons. Two years later, MLW-Worthington Ltd., the locomotive manufacturer at Montréal. company.

Bombardier received the tender for the New York City subway in 1982. In 1986, he bought the Challenger manufacturer Canadair and entered the aviation industry. At the 1989, he won the production contract for the ir Chunnel ür trains linking France and the UK. In 1990, Learjet Corporation acquired jet aircraft.

Bombardier, using its intelligence and creativity today, is headquartered in Montreal, 28 is a large company with 60 in 68.000, where 2018 is engaged in business in more than 16.2 countries with its factory in the country.

(Dr. İlhami Pektaş)



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