BAKKA at TCDD for the Railway to Kömüre

Railway to Komure
Railway to Komure

Negotiations on the railroad operation to the coal, prepared within the scope of the Train Tourism project of the Western Black Sea Development Agency (BAKKA), continue.

Deputy Secretary General of BAKKA Elif Acar, Strategy Development and Programming Unit President Mehmet Çetinkaya and Agency Expert Kadir Kağan Inanoglu together with TCDD Passenger and Transportation Department Head Erol Arslan and Vehicle Maintenance Department Vice President Sheikhmus Oktar.

Acar emphasized that the region is very suitable for train tourism by giving information about the concept study, the negotiations and the point reached until today.

Mr. Erol Arslan, the Head of TCDD, expressed his appreciation for the visit. I've eaten a lot of bread in your region and if it's useless, how happy I am. We are ready to support you until the end of your planning. I believe that if we act together, we will have a good way. Karabük-Zonguldak is a very busy line between the hours, but surely an appropriate clock can be adjusted, Karab he said.

Zonguldak-Bartin-Karabuk region and the train line that expresses closely know Şeyhmus Oktar, ğ We have a close knowledge of the Zonguldak-Bartin-Karabuk region. We know the natural beauties very well. Therefore, this work we initiated is very valuable for the region. We need to determine our strategy well. There are companies and examples of very good works. For this reason, I believe that you will have a positive conclusion to this work. O

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