353 Km Line Drawing on Army Roads

army roads km cizgi cizildi
army roads km cizgi cizildi

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities in order to ensure safer traffic flow on the streets and streets paved across the province and to increase the comfort of the roads. Metropolitan Municipality teams, in the last two years completed the asphalt work on the road about 353 km-made line work.


Providing information about the work of the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Engin Tekintaş, hot road throughout the city-completed street, street and district group roads to increase traffic safety in the direction of road traffic studies continue, saying that pedestrians and vehicles are allowed to use the roads more comfortable and safe . President Tekintaş said, den Thanks to our horizontal marking works consisting of arrows, letters and symbols drawn on the road surface, traffic is regulated and some prohibitions and restrictions are stated. Thus, markings are provided to guide the users. Road marking on the line, text, arrows and symbols are given information about the road in advance with drivers, prohibitions and restrictions are reported. Because the detection of road marking signs is higher than on traffic signs, the messages given to the drivers are more easily transmitted. For this reason, night visibility is ensured as the road sign marks create the same effect as the traffic signs. Road traffic is being increased as a result of the use of appropriate lanes in traffic direction at intersections and roads Kav.


Aiming to ensure that pedestrians and vehicles provide safer transportation in streets and streets, the Metropolitan Municipality teams conducted a line study on the 353 m148 route on the 309 km route in the last two years. It is emphasized that using traffic signs, which are the common language of the drivers, pedestrians and passengers, is very important in terms of traffic safety and it will be continued for safe roads throughout the province. On the other hand, the drivers should be careful to use the road on the roads, indicating that the vehicle users should be obeyed traffic signs and markers.

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