Antalya Smart City Mobile Application

antalya smart city mobile application
antalya smart city mobile application

. Smart City Mobile Application g, the corporate mobile application of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, started to be used with great interest. The mobile application, which will provide great convenience to daily life, was put into use by Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Metropolitan Municipality's Smart City Project, where she spent the municipality's corporate mobile applications to life for the first time in Turkey's Antalya Mobile Smart Cities' applications were being used for.

Easy city with fast technology in Antalya
By closely following the changes related to information technologies, the Metropolitan Municipality continuously strengthens its technological infrastructure and continues to work to make Antalya a city where every area of ​​life becomes easier. With the new mobile application developed by Smart City Services, it has been provided that citizens can access the information they want from their phones more accurately and easily. Users of devices with Android and IOS operating system can download the Metropolitan Municipality's mobile application and benefit from the facilities offered in many areas from transportation to city information system, from mobile map to culture and art activities.

All city in your pocket
Thanks to the Urban Information System in the Mobile Application, users of smart mobile devices can use the facilities offered by the Metropolitan Municipality in many areas, from downloading the Antalya Smart City mobile app, from the city guide to the city guide, from the news to the cultural events, from the pharmacy to the taxi, from smart city services to e-municipality services.

Mobile App Store
The mobile application, which will guide the citizens in daily life and facilitate life in Antalya in the vision of smart urbanism, has been uploaded to Apple Store and Google Play Store and made available to the people of Antalya.

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