Road, Intersection, Median Work In Ankara Continues Full Speed

ankarada road intersection refuj continues work
ankarada road intersection refuj continues work

In order to meet the needs of the capital and to make the city more livable, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities in 2019 without interruption.

The teams affiliated to the Department of Science Affairs of the Metropolitan Municipality continue to work on roads, intersections, maintenance-repairs, barriers, refugees and tretrocks that affect the transportation, safety and aesthetics of the city.


Determining the priority points to be made within the scope of the 2019 year planning, the Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out the asphalt pavement works on all four sides of the Capital in weather conditions which are above the seasonal norms after the harsh winter conditions.

Department of Science Affairs, center and surrounding districts 46 separate points; road maintenance, patch and asphalt pavement works, while the capital, across the capital 120 point pavement, barrier, trenchet and junction work is doing.


Officials of the Department of Science Affairs, 2019 year work planning outside of the new working points can be changed daily, 8 asphalt pavement, 23 maintenance and repair, 22 road construction, including a total of 53 team spent a lot of work, he said.

The Metropolitan teams, which continue to work on maintenance-repair, construction-renewal and new roads in some streets and boulevards, have accelerated the pavement works at many points in order to make the city ready for pedestrian and vehicle traffic for spring-summer months.

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