Ankara Station Eryaman YHT Line Still Not in Service

ankara gari eryaman yht line is still in service
ankara gari eryaman yht line is still in service

Because there is no signalization, the train station of Ankara Railway Station-Eryaman, where 9 was killed and dozens of people were injured, was still in service.

9 people died in the absence of signaling, dozens of people who suffered a train accident that resulted in the opening of the Ankara Railway-Eryaman High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) line was announced by the end of February, but the line was not put into service at the end of approximately three months.

Newspaper WallAccording to the news of Tamer Arda Erşin from Istanbul, passengers who want to take the high-speed train have to go to Eryaman Station by bus from Ankara Station. Whether the YHT line will work on March 11, 2019 is a mystery.


Passengers who want to take the train from Eryaman station, while buying tickets on the internet "no suitable time can be found" is encountered. TCDD General Directorate Customer Service, which we call by telephone, said that there is only 10 March for Eryaman Station, but 11 will not be scheduled for March.

Another passenger on the situation, "The stop of the train Eryaman stop, or the Ankara Station will be the stop is not clear yet because the tickets could not be sold" was answered.

'May be delayed due to the economic crisis'

Cavit Kayaoğlu, the Secretary General of the Union of United Transport Workers (BTS), who evaluated the issue, confirmed that the signalization work was not completed. Ası Post-accident flights were carried out via Eryaman stop. Since the signalization is not completed, the passengers are requested to be given Eryaman station. We are in a crisis environment, because of the financial hardship may be delayed signalization work, Kriz he said.


Passengers, before buying tickets to the authorities about the "passenger safety" is recommended to get information Kayaoglu, signalization studies should not be done before the end, he said.

Secretary General of the BTS, 13 December 2018 reminded the authorities before the accident on the date reminded “Before the accident even before the Ankara Branch President Ismail Özdemir expressed that there was no signaling. We acted to the authorities, 'This is the way they run an accident' We said. Authorities' response 'Political pressure, there is no situation in our hands' was. We saw the result of the opening for political purposes, Siy he said.


13 2018 9 set out on December 17 to collide with the train, XNUMX people died, dozens were injured. It was determined that there was no signaling system in the region where the accident occurred. Ankara Garı-Eryaman YHT line, which was closed for the construction of signaling and electronic scissor exchange system after the boiler, was announced to be opened in February at XNUMX. TCDD 'will be opened until the end of February' information was not informed. However, the signaling system could not be done until this date.

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