Siirt Airport Opened to Flight for About 2 Years

airport has been closed for about a year
airport has been closed for about a year

Turkish Airlines restarted its Siirt flights. The flight of THY Airbus A319 passenger aircraft with TK2656 flight number was welcomed with a ceremony. Siirt Governor Ali Fuat Atik, Turkish Airlines General Manager Bilal Ekşi, Chairman of the Board and Deputy General Manager Mehmet Ateş attended the flight.

In his speech at the airport ceremony, the Governor of Siirt Ali Fuat Atik, 2 said that the airport, which has been closed for more than a year, has been working with the support of the authorities, press members and non-governmental organizations in the city in order to reopen the airport.

Stating that the first problem he faced when he started to work in Siirt is a closed airport, Atik said, “We explained our troubles and we set out to find a solution to our troubles. We went to Ankara and Istanbul. Fortunately, we crowned our struggle in the past with our plane touching the runway today. ” used the expression.

“Our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's word did not fall to the ground. 'This plane will land here.' It was said and we did not leave his word on the floor. This is a different happiness for us. ” Atik said, "Struggle for opening the airport to the flight was happy.

In his speech, THY General Manager Bilal Ekşi stated that they will connect Siirt to Istanbul and 124 flight destinations in 306 countries with the flights to be made by THY. Actually, this is the story of the last two years. So we got off after making sure that we could land with these planes safely, not 100 percent, but 110 percent. ” said.

Information about the activities carried out by DHMI at Siirt Airport Fire said:

Erken The infrastructure of the device, which gives the angle of gliding of the aircraft, was made. Taxiway, perimeter wire fence, ring roads construction of the airport was completed. So we made a flight. Our localizer was put into service. There were already 1 pieces of VOR, 2 pieces of DME, 1 pieces of NDB for the landing of the aircraft. In addition, we have mounted a part of the ILS that we call buraya only localizer Bunlar. The current landing is also more local than the other devices I have mentioned. As a result, we published our work. Tüm

Fire, stating that all these works of DHMI crowning the Fire, l as in all our work in this regard never support their support to our President, our Minister, Mr. Minister, Mr. Deputy Minister; I would like to thank THY management and Mr. General Manager Bilal Ekşi for conducting their works very quickly. I would like to extend my gratitude to Mr. Governor, Mr. Deputies, Mayor and other public institutions and organizations for their contributions. Kat

After the ceremony, Ateş made examinations at Siirt Airport with our staff for a while. sohbet He.

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