10 vehicles worth 118 million TL in 300 years to Afyonkarahisar

afyonkarahisara vehicle per year
afyonkarahisara vehicle per year

Mayor Burhanettin Çoban, who has made investments in Afyonkarahisar unprecedented in its history, broke the record of the history of the Republic with the construction machinery, tools, equipment and equipment he added to his fleet in this process.

10 88 235 million pieces worth of 30 million pieces of machinery, equipment and equipment during the 118 annual service period (with the exception of Yüntaş). presented a fleet of vehicles and construction equipment to the service of Afyonkarahisar.


In the 2009, President Burhanettin Çoban, who stated that there are construction machinery and equipment close to 100 of Afyonkarahisar Municipality, stated that many of these vehicles have completed their economic life. In the last 10 year, President Burhanettin Çoban announced that they had bought 235 pieces of tools, equipment and construction equipment to the Municipality of Afyonkahisar. It was in such a situation. There were no construction equipment, asphalt machines or high quality equipment needed. For the first time the asphalt excavator, for the first time we have used dozer, for the first time precision graders, for the first time the latest system asphalt pavers and rollers have been added to our fleet. Again, for the first time, we took high-speed technological vehicles to our fire department. We have renewed all of our passenger cars. Bin


President Çoban noted that in the 2009 in the year of 1980 there was not even the sewage truck of the Municipality of Afyonkarahisar. We were in such a situation, today our municipality has four sewage trucks. Water Sewerage Directorate has very sensitive tools. These tools can be controlled by robotics, camera systems and frequencies. Imagine the asphalt you will not have a proper paver in your hand, even the systems were not working. If you pave the asphalt with the 88 model, what is the status of the city? You think. We saw this situation and we immediately received three Vögele last system asphalt pavers. Only the tools that we have provided to our municipality are worth 30 million TL. The value of the tools we bought in Yüntaş 118 million TL. In the last decade, we have added XNUMX million TL worth of tools, equipment and construction equipment to our Municipality. These figures are the record of the history of the Republic. Bu


Mayor Burhanettin Çoban emphasized that the work efficiency and quality increased and the expenses decreased thanks to all the tools and equipment brought to the Municipality; “Thanks to this, our work has accelerated, our expenses decreased, our quality increased,” he said. Stating that there are currently 300 vehicles, equipment and work machines within the Afyonkarahisar Municipality, Mayor Çoban pointed out that 300 of the existing 235 vehicles were purchased during the period. President Shepherd; “Everything happens with the image now. If my Manager Toros brand goes somewhere with an old service vehicle that constantly malfunctions and makes noise, it will be difficult. Our friends now have 4 × 4 off-road vehicles, vans and passenger cars. Again, there are service vehicles to meet every need. From our cart tools to the most modern vehicles in the fire department, there is 'none'; We have a tool and equipment that we can say "no". We currently have 300 vehicles, equipment and construction equipment. We bought 235 of these in our period. This figure does not include the Yuntas vehicles. For example, the current value of only 40 buses we bought for Yüntaş is 20 million TL. In this way, we stand out from many municipalities in our region. I hope that after us, these tools, construction machinery and equipment will continue to serve our Afyonkarahisar, not enough districts, and our region. "



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