10 vehicles worth 118 million TL in 300 years to Afyonkarahisar

afyonkarahisara vehicle per year
afyonkarahisara vehicle per year

Mayor Burhanettin Çoban, who has made investments in Afyonkarahisar unprecedented in its history, broke the record of the history of the Republic with the construction machinery, tools, equipment and equipment he added to his fleet in this process.

During the 10-year service period, 88 construction machines, tools and equipment (excluding Yüntaş) worth 235 million TL, with today's figures, only to Afyonkarahisar Municipality kazanMayor of dıran Burhanettin Çoban put a fleet of approximately 30 vehicles and construction equipment worth 118 million TL, together with the vehicles worth 300 million TL purchased within the body of Yüntaş, to the service of Afyonkarahisar.


Mayor Burhanettin Çoban, who stated that there were nearly 2009 vehicles, equipment and construction equipment belonging to Afyonkarahisar Municipality in 100, stated that most of these vehicles have completed their economic life. In the last 10 years, 235 vehicles, equipment and construction machines have been transferred to Afyonkahisar Municipality. kazanMayor Burhanettin Çoban, who explained that they were driving, said, “There were Toros Brand vehicles that our Municipality Unit Managers boarded, the road was visible because there were six holes in the course. It was in such a situation. There was no construction equipment, asphalt machines or high quality equipment needed. We bought asphalt excavation machine for the first time, dozer for the first time, precision graders for the first time, latest system asphalt pavers and rollers for the first time. Again, for the first time, we bought high ladder technological vehicles for our fire department. We have renewed all of our passenger cars," he said.


Noting that Afyonkarahisar Municipality did not even have a vacuum truck in 2009 when he took office, Mayor Çoban said; When I took office, our Municipality did not even have a vacuum truck, it was rented from the Organized Industrial Zone. We were in such a situation, today our Municipality has four latest system vacuum trucks. Our Water and Sewerage Department has very sensitive tools. These vehicles can control the underground with robot technology, camera systems and frequencies. Imagine that you are going to lay asphalt, you do not have a proper paver, even their systems were not working. What will happen to the city if you pave asphalt with a 1980 model paver? You think. We saw this situation and immediately bought three Vögele latest system asphalt pavers. Only to our Municipality kazanThe current value of the tools and equipment we have produced is 88 million TL. The value of the tools and equipment we bought to Yüntaş is 30 million TL. In the last ten years, 118 million TL worth of vehicles, equipment and construction equipment have been delivered to our Municipality. kazanwe nagged. These figures are a record in the history of the Republic,” he said.


to the municipality kazanPresident Burhanettin Çoban, emphasizing that work efficiency and quality have increased and expenses have decreased thanks to all the tools and construction equipment that have been brought; “In this way, our work has accelerated, our expenses have decreased, our quality has increased,” he said. Stating that there are 300 vehicles, equipment and construction equipment within the Afyonkarahisar Municipality at the moment, Mayor Çoban pointed out that 300 of the 235 existing vehicles were purchased during the period. President Shepherd; “Everything is about image now. If my manager goes to a place with a service vehicle of the Toros brand, which constantly breaks down and makes noise, there will be trouble. Our friends now have 4×4 off-road vehicles, pickup trucks and passenger cars. Again, there are service vehicles to meet all kinds of needs. From our cart vehicles to the most modern vehicles in the fire brigade, there is no 'no'; We have a tool and equipment that we can say 'no'. Currently, we have 300 vehicles, equipment and work machines. We received 235 of them in our period. This figure does not include Yüntaş vehicles. For example, the present value of only 40 buses we bought for Yüntaş is 20 million TL. In this way, we stand out from many municipalities in our region. Hopefully, these tools, construction equipment and equipment will continue to serve our Afyonkarahisar, our districts, and our region after us," he said.

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