There is no airport There is no airport There is no train There is no train

There is no train there is no train There is no train there
There is no train there is no train There is no train there

Germany was making the only flight to Çaycuma Airport, which opened 20 years ago. After the German company withdrew from the expedition, Yavuzyilmaz of CHP said, "There is no airport, no plane, no rail, no train, no sea, no ferry".

At Zonguldak Çaycuma Airport, which opened in 1999 and has an annual capacity of 500 thousand passengers, there was only a flight to Düsseldorf, Germany, as there was no domestic flight. If a citizen wants to go to Istanbul by plane, he has to fly first to Germany and then to Istanbul, the total flight distance was 4 thousand 246 kilometers. All flights ended when the German airline company, which made flights to Zonguldak, also went bankrupt.

SözcüAccording to the news in, Caycuma Airport, which has become a Ghost airport, is trying to be revived. "Preparations for domestic flights started," said Zonguldak Airport Manager Hasan Özşahin. CHP Zonguldak MP Deniz Yavuzyilmaz said in his statement: “The only obstacle in front of the flights is the power that distracts Zonguldak. Campaigns for 17 years could not be started. Zonguldak's situation is tragic. There is no airport, no aircraft, no sea, no ferry, no railway, no train ”.

Yavuzyılmaz stated that the flights to the airport could be started with the installation of the ILS device and with the aircraft types in the THY inventory. Why didn't they open 17 for years? This airport can not be a choice investment. It is still an idle state investment. It must be opened immediately. Zonguldak 17 has been suspended for years. Highways are bad, rail is closed, maritime is not used. Ları



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