Şahin: We Converted The Black Train To Gaziray

Sahin Black Train
Sahin Black Train

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin said, iz We have been singing ay four times from the mainland with the iron nets ün. Two years ago, we started the Gaziray Suburban Line Project and transformed the land train into Gaziray. We connect Gaziray with the city center, the Organized Industrial Zone and the Small Industrial Zone. Gaz

31 March 2019 Sahin, who came together with the citizens in Gazikent within the scope of local elections, explained the completed and ongoing projects. President; reported that it would be representative of the concept of politics that produces projects against those who make politics of mud, pit and garbage.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan iy Gaziantep, our insurance, that city deserves the best of everything. What you want is over my head, '' he said reminding the President Sahin, in the new period will implement significant projects to relieve urban transportation, he said.


Recalling that the construction of the Gaziray Suburban Line project began two years ago, President Fatma Şahin said, “We are connecting the city center, 6 pieces Organized Industrial Zone and Small Industrial Zones with the Gaziray project prepared within the scope of Gaziantep Transportation Master Plan (GUAP). For years, we've said the 'four-headed motherland' with the iron nets, we couldn't even run the black train. This is a sign of civilization. How much iron network you put your home, the closer you are closer to civilization, this is a level of prosperity, the current 25 km subway line will be renewed, 16 units will be created. Our land train line starts from Oduncular Sitesi, we pass through the cemetery, we go below the 5 mile from Zeugma Museum, Hospitals and Hotels Zone. Why is that? Because if we don't, we'il divide the city in two. Where do we come from? We're getting out of the courthouse. From there, the stadium, beylerbeyi, Dülük and Organized Industrial Zone. We make Gaziray Park on the 5 kilometer. 40 meters deep, the line of 5 kilometers, we are converting to heaven. We said 'child friendly city, young friendly city, old friendly city, we will be woman friendly city'. No, we're gonna finish this. Everyone will come to life here, just like Fıstık Park, Station Park, Hasan Celal, Beautiful Nations Garden. Everything is done, the infrastructure of the state is going to bring together the upper structure green tissue. GASKI has found 500 million grants for infrastructure, who gives a penny money to whom unrequited? The infrastructure is over in this country. First of all, you will strengthen the infrastructure Öncelikle.


Sahin, said: bildir Gaziantep metro is coming. Europe has done it exactly 200 years ago. Turkey has only Ankara and in Istanbul, Konya has just begun, we finished the implementation project. We worked with the Spaniards. We are entering the metro with the transfer center. From here under the garden of folks. 55 meters from Ersin Arslan Training and Research Hospital, 50 meters from Düztepe, 33 meters from Kahveli Pınar and 22 meters from Yeşilvadi. In the middle of the city, we will go to City Hospital by metro in full 15 minutes, 15 minutes later you are on the other side of the city. We have to achieve this, but this is a very big state investment. It is not a normal light rail system, but a concern for our children, grandchildren and tomorrow. You have to be strong in hand to do this. Only the cost of the implementation project to the Metropolitan, 15 million TL. It's all over, we're on the ground. Metro will be our best job. We've always grown up looking at others' subways, writing our own story. Hep

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