The Basis of the Istanbul Kapikule High Speed ​​Train Project 3 will be Thrown in May

istanbul kapikule speed train project will be launched
istanbul kapikule speed train project will be launched

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, Istanbul-Kapikule Railway line, Beijing-London line will be a transportation axis and pointed out that the backbone.

Stressing that the investments will continue, Turhan said, kapas Our investments will be directed towards improving the superstructure of the roads we build mainly, constructing our roads with build-operate-transfer method and increasing the capacity of our railways. Yatırım

Minister Turhan pointed out that the railway will have a transportation axis and backbone in Beijing-London line and said Pekin We will take the foundation of the Istanbul-Kapikule High Speed ​​Train Project with the money we received from European Union grant loans a month ago in 3 May.-

Referring to the work of the Ministry for urban transport, Turhan stated that they will continue infrastructure works such as taking the traffic to the ground and expanding the rail systems. (UBAK)


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