Moving to Istanbul Airport 5 Will Start in April

Istanbul airport will start moving in April
Istanbul airport will start moving in April

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, moving to Istanbul Airport 5 will begin in April at 7 April 00.00.

Stating that Istanbul Airport will be the largest airport in the world, Mr. Turhan said, anım The 5 of the runways in our new airport was planned in the north-south and the 1 in the east-west direction. They're all redundant. The taxiway of the 3 can be used as a normal runway. Normal

Turhan, Istanbul Airport, 1 million 450 thousand square meters of indoor space will be recorded, all parts of the terminal equipped with smart electronic systems, he said.

Cahit Turhan pointed out the importance of baggage security as the airport will provide services for international passengers. Or The passenger comes from which country, from which plane to go, where is going, the baggage is collected with the electronic chip and the plane is taken from the barn and taken on board. In terms of physical security of the baggage, not in the tapes, in a special protected basket is carried to the plane as a gift. Indan he said.

Turhan explained that all systems were tested for 5 months before the opening of Istanbul Airport and that electronic, mechanical and energy systems were tested and determined what to do if there were errors.

225 thousand people work at the new airport and 140 thousand people at the moment that expressed the Minister Turhan, the passenger satisfaction is very important and said that they are trying to leave a good impression in the passengers coming.

Moving to Istanbul Airport

Turhan stated that the move from Ataturk Airport to Istanbul Airport will start at 5 April at 03.00 April and said:

Cek 7 will be finished in April 00.00. After this date, all domestic and international passengers will be served from Istanbul Airport. 18 1671 1231 2 902 226 40 146 78 372 118 18 150 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX bin XNUMX on the domestic lines, XNUMX bin XNUMX on the international lines, XNUMX thousand XNUMX people used our new airport. In accordance with the glory of our new airport, all kinds of needs were determined in the services related to the passengers' waiting time, check-in and airport access, and the necessary measures were taken. Both by taxi or by public transport, the XNUMX private baggage bus will depart from the XNUMX location of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and will provide passenger transportation services to the airport. Gerek

Cahit Turhan, Gayrettepe in March next year, in June Halkalıto the new airport from the metro systems with other transport services in an integrated manner said they aim to put into service.

Expressing that there are cargo warehouses, warehouses, hangars and technical maintenance companies in Atatürk Airport, Turhan continued:

K They will serve for a while until they are located at the new airport. Passenger transport will be completely at the new airport. We will make a significant part of the area in the garden of folks, and some of them will be used in the aviation-related fair service. Aviation is one of the strategic sectors in the future for our country. We will do Teknofest at Atatürk Airport this year. We also intend to use it as a training center for transportation and aviation. There will be revisions in terminals, fair, tourism center and a city park where our people will breathe comfortably. People living in the direction of Küçükçekmece-Bakırköy air traffic will be saved from the noise, he said.


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