Halkalı How Much Will a Gebze Commuter Train Cost?

How much will the ring cost per ring
How much will the ring cost per ring

The commuter train line in Istanbul is expected to carry 1.2 million people a day. The fare tariff of the line has not been announced yet.

The final preparations for the Istanbul suburban train, which is expected to be opened on Sunday after the 6 year, is also complete.

With the completion of the line Halkalı-Gamma line is expected to be received in 115 minutes. There will be 42 stations in the total line. 1.2 million passengers per day is expected to carry.

And how much will it cost to use the Istanbul suburban train? This information is not clear yet. The only thing that is certain is the full charge fee of 2.60 TL and the student printing fee of 1.25 TL will not apply to the whole line.

According to the information received for the suburban line a metrobus price tariff will be applied.

How much will the ring cost per ring
How much will the ring cost per ring

SözcüAccording to the news in the State Railways' Twitter account said that the work on the tariff of the tariff continues. In a statement made by the railways,'n Gebze- which will be commissioned recentlyHalkalı Our work to determine the fee in our city's Marmaray line is ongoing and will be shared with the public and your passengers after the conclusion of the result ücret.

How does the Metrobus charge?
In the suburban line is expected to be a metrobus-like fare tariff. Metrobust 1-3 stop from 1.95 TL, 4-9 stop 3 TL, 10-15 3.25 TL, 16-21 stop 3.40 TL, 22-27 stop, 3.50 TL, 28-33 stop 3.60 34 fee is more than 3.85 TL is charged.

According to the simulation assumptions made for the train Halkalı-With the 9 interval will be scheduled in intervals. A separate fee is planned for this.

There will be 4.5 flights between Bakırköy and Pendik. Kazlıçeşme-

Sögütlüçeşme 2.15 will be done once in a minute.

It focuses on planning a separate fee for all these time types.


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