Roads and Sidewalks on Gazanfer Bilge Avenue are Renewed

Gazanfer wise boulevards road and pavements renewed
Gazanfer wise boulevards road and pavements renewed

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the cold days after the deterioration of roads and pavements are doing renovation. Following the snowfall, the damage on the roads and especially on the sidewalks on the Gazanfer Bilge Boulevard is being renewed by the Metropolitan Municipality teams.

General Directorate of Highways and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Department works on Gazanfer Bilge Boulevard. Roads are paved due to snowfall. During the fight against snow and collapsed asphalt roads are working.

The roads used by thousands of people every day are being renewed by the teams of the Department of Transportation. Refugees and paving stones, which have lost their color properties during the winter months, are also repainted by teams. The curb stones on the sidewalks and sidewalks painted in yellow and white colors, especially for vehicle drivers, add visual beauty to the main passage routes. The studies will continue with the work done on other damaged roads.

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