Free Internet Period for EGO Buses

free internet on ego buses
free internet on ego buses

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, 46 on all sides of the capital city and the free Wi-Fi application launched near the 100 now carries to EGO buses.

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna stated that they have accelerated the work on Smart City Management and in this context, free w-fi service placed in many squares and parks of the Capital city and charging devices in public transportation and now they have introduced free wi-fi services to the capitalists in EGO buses.

Underlining that they are trying to integrate the Smart City Management System into the city further, President Tuna said that they started wi-fi pilot application in the EGO Ring Buses, which are located between Beytepe Metro Station and Hacettepe University Beytepe Campus.


The capital will be added to the daily life of Ankara, the age of all the necessities of the free use of the facilities that will provide the privilege to be put into service by a Metropolitan Municipality.

Smart City Management System, the Metropolitan Municipality shown among the best implementer of municipalities in Turkey, the most important communication tool considered the internet's age, began to offer free services on behalf able to use their hearts' content at various points of the city of Başkentliler.

Tuna stated that they started the technical studies on the demand of free wi-fi in the public transportation vehicles of young people and said Başkan We listen to our youth and all citizens in line with our principle of managing the city with the common mind. The satisfaction and, of course, the happiness of the capitalists is both very important and valuable to us. For this reason, we aim to make life easier by using all the possibilities of technology in our city. Bu

Expressing that they started the free wi-fi application in the ring busses especially in the Hacettepe University region, which is used extensively by the university students, President Tuna said that they are planning to expand this application on all buses in the forthcoming period.


Erdoğan Kurtoğlu, Head of IT Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, gave the following information, stating that all citizens could easily connect and use the free wi-fi service and use the internet voluntarily.

Uz As Metropolitan Municipality, we are launching new works in order to spread our free internet works especially on behalf of young people. Thanks to this application, we are also taking an important step in encouraging our citizens to public transport. During their travels, our citizens will be able to learn what they are curious about, follow newspapers and magazines, and be able to visit their social media accounts. We have installed this system for all buses going to Hacettepe University Beytepe Campus. We plan to install all of our EGO Buses in the coming months. Ön


Kurtoğlu said that thanks to a system mounted on buses, they could use the internet service in an unencrypted way. Ler Our citizens who fill the battery of their phones in the USB charge inputs in our buses will enjoy the privilege and enjoy the internet surfing Kurt.

Students expressing their satisfaction with the free internet applications of the Metropolitan Municipality said, “Now we can enter the internet with the peace of mind and use many applications. Metropolitan Municipality offers us free of charge to the Internet, which is the most important requirement of both the age and the youth. It gives us the privilege of being young in Ankara. Most importantly, they contribute to our economy. En



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