The Opening of the Parking Lot with Elevator was Held in Bilecik

Bilecik car parking lot with emergency car parking was done
Bilecik car parking lot with emergency car parking was done

The first multi-storey carpark of the province was opened by Bilecik Municipality.

3 floor-mounted car park with 150 vehicle capacity; MP Selim Yagci, Mayor Nihat Can, AK Party Provincial Chairman Fikret Karabiyik, Central District President Nail Ozturk, Women Branch President Umran Erdogan Karayiigit, Youth Branch President Onur Karaman, the members of the Cumhur Alliance, muhtars and a large number of citizens attended.

OUR PRESIDENT CAN: '' WE ARE against our country with the works we do ''

Mayor Nihat Can, who made the opening speech of the program, '' We are against our nation with the works we do, '' he said, using the expressions.

Iz We are a special day for Bilecik. We've been running openings for three days. We have started the Presidency during the presidency of our delegation and the completion of the opening of this place with us and our friends today was the best of us. We evaluated our car park for 150 vehicles and 1 lira to serve our citizens with a symbolic figure. Bilecik was a project we thought to be able to serve at the traffic point in the center. We have a parking lot at 11-160 under the Park 170 project that we are doing in the city center. Again, we have a parking plan for 400 vehicles under the Kent Square project, which I explained in the plan. Therefore, we will have a number that will reach the parking lot with the capacity of 2 thousand vehicles along with the evaluations in the existing ones and neighborhoods. Buda in our city to solve a certain extent to the problem of traffic is our opinion. Our car park is a three-storey car park with a lift and a lift. I am always at the disposal of the people of Bilecik on my behalf. Hopefully, we will continue to increase these services by multiplying and multiplying. As long as we are in unity and solidarity, we hope that our services will bring bilecik to us. Birlik


MP Selim Yağcı stated that he was subjected to unfair criticism by some of the studies conducted in his speech and said ere I would like to thank you for not leaving us alone in this meaningful opening program. I wish our high-rise parking lot to be good and lucky for our city. Our Floor Park, which we realized in our city with the thought of Kat Better Together ızı; Canla Start the first day excitedly saying that Nihat Can our brother was able to realize the opening of the mayoral period. Good luck and good luck to our city and our people. We have many more works to work for our city. Hopefully in the 31 March elections, when Nihat Can becomes our sister again, we will spend a lot of time in Ankara and Bilecik to bring our people together with more beautiful projects. Instead of talking to someone, we are laying the foundations, making openings. Because our people deserve the best of everything. However, these beautiful works have been unfairly criticized by some. That is why 4 floors in this storey car park did not happen, as 5 did not fold. I would like to emphasize that. Each work is done according to certain rules and calculations. So when 4 or 5 does this, can the main and intermediate roads bring these loads? We, our people need a minimum of opportunities by spending the maximum amount of work that has revealed a work '' he said.

After the speeches, the car park was opened, the deputy Selim Yagci, the Mayor Nihat Can and our citizens visited and informed.


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