IBB Sea Pollutant 87 cuts 5 Million 700 Thousand TL penalty on board

ibb the sea pollutes the ship million million rubles
ibb the sea pollutes the ship million million rubles

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality does not open up an eye for those who cause pollution for the protection of the sea and the protection of marine life. IMM; 1 last year 87 5 polluted the sea with harmful wastes such as solid waste, petroleum-derived waste, dirty ballast, and 700 penalty of XNUMX million thousand TL. With the recent amendment to the Environmental Law, the aggravation of sanctions was reflected in the penalties.

IMM Directorate of Environmental Protection and Control Department of Maritime Services is keeping the seas and shoreline of Istanbul under control from air, sea and land by 7 / 24. 2 pieces of seaplane, 4 pieces drone, 3 control boat and 81 high resolution and zoom cameras are available. The crews at the Marine Control Center in Yenikapı are continuously monitored by the vessels and the wastes from ships are constantly monitored. When a violation is detected, the environmental inspection boat is shipped to the scene accompanied by a drone. It is sent to IMM's Environmental Laboratory for sampling and examination of the waste from the ship and the sea. If it is found to be harmful waste, criminal proceedings are applied. In this context, 1 has been fined 87 million TL in the last 5 annually polluting the sea with hazardous wastes such as solid waste, oil-derived waste, dirty ballast.

The Law on the Amendment of the Environmental Law No. 7153 and some Laws, which includes new regulations for the prevention of the environment and prevention of environmental pollution, was put into effect by being published in the Official Gazette on 10 December 2018. With the law, new regulations have been made in the 2872 (I) clause of the Environmental Law 20, which envisages administrative sanctions for ships caused by ships. In this context, in the marine areas of responsibility and jurisdiction subject to jurisdiction, and in the associated waters, natural or artificial lakes and dam lakes and rivers; fines for institutions, establishments and enterprises that cause pollution have been aggravated. Thus, the penalties to be applied to sea vehicles that discharged the solid waste, domestic water discharge, dirty ballast and petroleum derivative waste (crude oil, fuel oil, bilge, sludge, slop, oily waste etc.) to the seas increased by approximately 12.

For example, a naval vessel that has caused oil-derived marine pollution to the deforestation of Zeytinburnu in recent days has been imposed an administrative fine of 2 million 700 thousand 480 TL. This administrative procedure was the highest environmental penalty ever applied to a ship at one time, according to the Environmental Law numbered 2872.

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