25 New Development in Çorlu Train Wreck

corlu train crash new development
corlu train crash new development

25 in Çorlu is one of the defendants of the train accident, TCDD 1. Regional Directorate Halkalı 14. Railroad Maintenance Manager Railway Maintenance Manager Turgut Kurt, written two years ago, the letter of the article, "navigation safety, occupational health and road maintenance and repair work" to be taken to the road control worker appeared.

HürriyetAccording to the news in Çorlu, 8 July 2018 after the accident, Railway Maintenance Manager T.Kyol control worker, Çerkezköy 143 Road Maintenance Chief, Road Maintenance and Repair Chief Ö.P, Bridges Chief and Chief Maintenance Officer C.Ç. Lawyers, two years ago Kurt's warning letter presented to the prosecution. Accordingly, Kurt sent a letter to the Road Service Directorate at 15 February 2016. Çerkezköy 163 stated that a road maintenance repair postkeeper works at the Road Maintenance Repair Office but there are no road control workers.

Kurt, "Line maintenance manual, navigational safety, occupational health and road maintenance to be able to perform repair work according to the core staff should be assigned to the staff," he said. Kurt asked for two postmen and one control worker staff to be opened. The petition submitted to the prosecutor, this request was not met.
Trying to justify the responsible

The inspection report prepared by the TCDD Board of Inspectors stated that the disaster was yoğun impossible to prevent, out of will, due to unexpected heavy rain. Rapor Di Although the TCDD has shown due diligence, it has been claimed that the accident is caused by outside conditions and thus natural disasters. “

Due to the accident 'cause of death and injury caused by the prosecution of four personnel opened the case for the offense, defending the decision, was decided to appoint a lawyer. The report stated that the disaster should be considered as a force majeure and the damages of 1 million TL were requested not to be paid by TCDD.

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