Today in History: 23 March 2017 Akçaray Tramway Project

Akcaray Tram Project
Akcaray Tram Project

Today in History
23 March 1861 A new contract was signed with the Ottoman Railway company from İzmir to Aydın.
23 March 1920 Ankara-Eskişehir-Ulukışla and Eskişehir-Bilecik lines 20. He went through the corps.
23 1924 449 65 million was allocated to the construction of Samsun-Sivas and Ankara-Musaköy line by the law numbered XNUMX.
23 March 1935 Afyon-Karakuyu was connected to each other. Atatürk at the opening; Fa The lack of this line was very difficult for the country. A short line of such a short line of work to see a thousand of the work done is not possible or not.
The capital of 23 March 1971 TCDD has been upgraded from 2,5 to 8 billion.
23 March 2017 First Test Drive of Akçaray Tramway Project under Construction by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality
23 March 2017 New Generation National Freight Wagon manufactured by TÜDEMSAŞ was introduced in Sivas with the participation of UHB Minister Ahmet Aslan

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