Intense Struggle Against Black Winter in İzmir

yogun mucadele
yogun mucadele

The teams affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality are struggling intensely due to the cold and snowfall, which continue to affect especially in high areas in İzmir. The teams, who work 24 hours a day to keep the Odemis Bozdag road open, also rush to the aid of those staying on the road.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the city for weeks under the influence of heavy rainfall can create a negative effect on the negativity, while at the same time high levels of snow and ice is struggling. Especially in areas where snowfall is effective to keep the transportation without interruption of work machines and personnel in the ready-made Metropolitan Municipality, is taking precautions against the danger of icing. Lastly, due to the icing of Tırazlı-Kavacık road in Karabağlar borders, the teams, who started to work by salting, kept the road under control until the morning.

In the Ödemiş Bozdağ, one of the highest points of the city, teams connected to the South Building Site of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality are on duty 24 hours in order to prevent the transportation from being interrupted due to snowfall. Construction machinery and personnel deployed in the region also played a leading role in the operation to rescue about 20 vehicles stuck on the Bozdağ Ski center road.

Again in Ödemiş, the road connecting the district center to Gölcük Plateau and the land of Gölcük-Subatan caused landslide due to downpour. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams reached the region in a short time and both provided security measures and opened the road to transportation again.

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