YHT Victims from Ankara Fire Department

yht survivors visit to ankara fire department
yht survivors visit to ankara fire department

The victims, who were wounded by the Ankara Fire Brigade from the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) who had an accident during the Ankara-Konya expedition, visited the Ankara Fire Department Department of the Metropolitan Municipality.

Bülent Bingöl and Necati Vardar also experienced emotional moments.

Metropolitan Fire Department Head Uğur Olgun, emphasized that the visit is meaningful for them, the victims of Bulent Bingol and Necati Vardar emotions, "a humanitarian effort during the accident with a humanitarian team that saves the lives of many people, thank you very much all of them separately," he said.

Bülent Bingöl said that during the accident, Ankara fire brigade teams had witnessed the rescue of other wounded people at the expense of their lives for a while including 2 hours. Altın I remember that they made a superhuman effort from what I heard under the rubble. I asked them where they were working when they were on the stretcher. They worked really hard, saved our lives. I wanted to visit them to see that I was alive and intact, and I wanted them to be honored to do what they did Hayat.

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