Opening of 'Tarzanlı' to the Popular History Exhibition of Uludağ

uludag exhibition
uludag exhibition

Uludag's Popular History Exhibition, which was presented to the appreciation of the museum friends in the exhibition hall of the City Museum, attracted great attention from the first day. 16 of the City Museum. İlhan Özer, an artist whose fictional poetry was prepared during the year, is described as the most popular mountain of the nearby geography, and is said to be a fairytale language. The natural structure of Uludag, which has made it popular for thousands of years, and the change it has made to the present day, is revealed with various materials.

Symbol of the city for thousands of years

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, Bursa Mayor Ahmet Yildiz said that Uludag was one of the most important symbols of the city for thousands of years. Stars, il The popularly prepared exhibition popularizes Uludag, vegetation, birds, butterflies, trees, flowers, waters, summers, winters, cable cars, villages, the white décor provided to Yeşilçam cinema, weeks of camping life, daily picnic culture, indispensable holidays hotels are told. I would like to thank those who contributed to the collection of this colorful exhibition, which is meticulously prepared and puts visitors on a journey in time. Tit Preparing the fiction of the exhibition Artist İlhan Özer said, “Uludağ provides important contributions to this city in a social and cultural sense. In our exhibition, we presented these elements one by one by eliminating them with tweezers. We tried to create a simple, understandable exhibition. From 7 to 70, it was an exhibition that people from all walks would enjoy. X Ahmet Yildiz, vice president of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, presented a certificate of appreciation to Cengiz Ekiz, a museum volunteer, who helped the collection of many materials exhibited in the exhibition with İlhan Özer, who prepared the fiction of the exhibition.

They cut the ribbon with Bursan Tarzan

Hüseyin Cengiz'ın mountain region folk songs sang the voice of the deputy Ahmet Yildiz, as well as Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Culture-Art Department President Aziz Elbas, Museums Coordinator Yasar Elmas, Duzce University History Department Faculty Member. Dr. Yusuf Oğuzoğlu and Bursalı from the 73 known as Tarzan Ali Atay attended. At the end of the exhibition, the musicians Şebnem Aslan and Kurtuluş Göksu performed the songs of Frank Sinatra and the original tickets of the last expedition of the cable car, where the old cabins were operated, were distributed to the guests.

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