Citizen's Eye with UKOM


The Transportation Coordination Center (UKOM), founded in 2012 under the Directorate of Public Transportation of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transportation Department, works with the 7 / 24 audit and monitoring principle. In the beginning of 2019, the new UKOM replaces public transport with instant technological equipment for better quality and safe transportation. In the center, which is continuously monitored with the cameras placed at important points, and immediately responding to the notifications from the citizens, the negativities and returns in the traffic routes are solution-oriented and fast.

Metropolitan Municipality has implemented UKOM to increase public transport and to increase public transport satisfaction. The 15 route on the 365 line is followed by the 730 / 7 cameras. In cases where it is deemed necessary, it is provided to connect with the Transportation Supervisory Teams, consisting of 24 people on the routes from the center, to the drivers by means of radio. UKOM is working in coordination with field teams and 21 Call Center. Vehicle working hours, route controls and stop inputs are monitored continuously and possible violations are intervened immediately.

The 2200 public bus and 387 Metropolitan Municipality buses, which are connected to the cooperatives on the routes, watch the buses throughout the day, and discuss the attitudes of the drivers, including the costumes of the drivers, and the attitudes towards the passengers. In order to improve service quality and citizen satisfaction, the controls made by UKOM are made instantly through the electronic fee collection and vehicle tracking system and through the cameras inside the vehicles. Also, with the MOBESE cameras located at the important points of the city, following the problems that will hamper the traffic density and the transportation in traffic, UKOM can intervene immediately when it deems necessary.

With the audits conducted by the personnel within the UKOM unit, public transport is kept under control. Citizens' grievances related to the issues in question, about the vehicles identified, violations of UKOME decisions, public transport regulations, service vehicles regulations, commercial taxi regulations, public transport vehicles, taxis, service owners and drivers, 1608 and 5326 administrative sanctions are applied in accordance with the numbered laws.

Passengers expressing that they are aiming to travel more comfortably, officials said, ifade The most important point of inspection is the timely departure of the buses. It is our most important thing that our citizens go to their homes without waiting. We also inspect vehicles' attire and attitudes towards passengers. Meanwhile, we also evaluate complaints from passengers, Bu he said.



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