Two Separate Metro Lines Unite in Ankara

two separate metro lines
two separate metro lines

In the capital, a new one was added to the non-stop journey in Rail Systems. The latest 3 in July, after the removal of the transfer of the Sincan-Kizilay Metro Batıkent Sincan OSB-Törekent-Red Crescent Metro and Red Crescent-Red Crescent transfer between the Red Crescent was removed.

Thanks to the 46 kilometer line in which the final test drives were carried out, the citizens coming to the subway from Çayyolu Koru will be able to reach Eryaman and Sincan without getting off at Kızılay.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its services uninterruptedly in order to ensure that the capitalists benefit most from the transportation, has accelerated efforts to facilitate the lives of citizens.

The General Directorate of EGO, which started to work after the removal of the Batıkent transfer of the Sincan-Kızılay Metro, began the journey test for the removal of the transfer on the Korun-Kızılay Metro line with the Sincan OSB-Törekent-Kızılay Metro line, especially on the high demand from the citizens, especially university students.

Two separate lines

EGO General Manager Balamir Gundogdu, 46 kilometers and 34 station consisting of OSB-Törekent-Red Crescent Metro and Koru-Red Crescent Metro is combined, he said.

With the combining of the 14,6-kilometer Batikent-Red Crescent line (M1), the Red Crescent-Çayyolu line (M16,6) and the Batıkent-Sincan-Törekent line (M2) of the 15,36 kilometer, the citizens had the opportunity to travel comfortably and save time without changing the train.


The safety of citizens in rail systems is also ensured with the highest level of SIL4.

The security system in the subway is protected by SIL4 in accordance with international standards. This security system prevents any dangerous situation that may occur during any driving.


EGO General Manager Balamir Gündoğdu stated that they aim to provide convenience for the disabled, elderly and pregnant citizens by means of direct and uninterrupted transportation and announced that they will shorten the travel time in the Metro:

UM We had our 3 progressive goal for the citizens' convenience. The first was Batıkent transfer and we solved this before. The second was the transfer of the Red Crescent, which we solved now. The third was speed limitation. When we reduce this, the travel time will be shortened. We had the 17 point with speed limitation, and we dropped it to 9. We will also reduce these limitations. Our work continues in that direction. Çalış


Citizens, who have started to travel even without a transfer, are extremely satisfied with the uninterrupted journey.

Coşkun Karaman: “I am a retired mechanical engineer. I came from Batıkent, thought I was going to transfer. I have a job at the Ministry of Agriculture. I am very pleased when it comes to direct. A great service to this citizen. God bless from the servant, the servant. God does not give our state the pleasure of our nation. I would come here in two hours if I came by bus or bus. This line didn't last half an hour. Bu

Bahar Aktaş:: I am a security personnel. I already appreciate the work of the Metropolitan Municipality. The transfer was very good. We use Metro directly to catch a place. When it doesn't transfer, of course it saves time. At least we can get to our destination in time. En

Sündüz All: iyi I think it's much better without transferring. Well-thought municipality, thank you. There was waiting in the transfer, especially in the morning going to work there was running around. I'm very comfortable this morning. I am very pleased."


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