Great attention to Türkü Train Night

great interest in turquoise night
great interest in turquoise night

TCDD's 163. TCDD 88 to mark the 5 anniversary of its establishment and the arrival of Atatürk in Malatya. Turkish Train Train organized by the staff of the Regional Directorate

There was a shortage of space in the hall due to excessive congestion on the night of the Türkü Train performed at the Malatya Convention and Culture Center. Great interest in the night of the invitation of the program is an unforgettable program to watch the program of the night, while having great efforts TCDD 5. Deputy Regional Director Necmi Yiğit in the hall of the guests for a long time clapping room.

Railway personnel and their families, as well as hundreds of citizens from Malatya showed interest in the night of the Turkish Train TCDD 5. District Director Mahmut Çalık said in his speech: m The first visit of the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his retinue to Malatya in 13 February 1931 was realized due to the opening of the Fevzipaşa - Malatya railway line. Atatürk, 12 february 1931 came to Mersin via Taşucu - Silifke on Thursday and made the necessary inspections and listening to the problems of the citizens. Atatürk and his entourage arrived in Malatya on the 18.00 şunat 13. Demiryolculuk is a profession that requires devotion and sacrifice. Summer and winter night - day working day without the power of our friends prepared this night with not only freight and passenger transportation, but also the importance of social and cultural activities have been given to you to express the importance. I would like to thank all of our friends who prepared this night and prepared our night without sacrificing their working hours, making their efforts outside their working hours. Mes (Malatyasonsöz)

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