Turgutlu's Giant Investment Double Direction Transportation Period


Side road works were completed in Alparslan Turkes Bridge Interchange project, which was acquired by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in Turgutlu district. While the new roads were being opened for transportation, the people of Turgutlu had safe and fast transportation.

Side road works were completed at Turgutlu Alparslan Türkeş Köprülü Junction which was built by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality on İzmir-Ankara highway. opened to transport. 650 thousand meters long with having sunk output Turgutlu Turkey's longest Alparslan Turkes Interchange bad days were left behind with the district where the lives and property losses. Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, gave information about the works and wished that Alparslan Türkeş Bridge Interchange, which they had brought to Turgutlu, would be beneficial. İzmir-Ankara highway, which is located on the road of the transit of the transition is very easy and fast, indicating that the President Ergun, the entrance to the district will also end the accidents will be concluded. President Ergun, ile with the support of our people and Turgutlu Mayor Turgay Şirin with shoulder shoulder to give the shoulder; we will earn much more important projects and investments in our district çok.



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