Tram cannot go to OMU


Samsun Ondokuz Mayis University railroad related to the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Chairman Turan Cakir, "Economic facilities due to a fault in taking the tram to university," he said.

Turan Cakir, Deputy Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, made important statements to Samsun News Agency about the opening of the tram to be opened until the University of Ondokuz Mayis. Cakir, indicating that the infrastructure work is finished after the local elections of March 31 rail system will be opened to service, he said.


Cakir said that there are no more wagons at the moment and the existing wagons cannot be used. The infrastructure works are completely over, but the process is still going on. We don't have a phase wagon right now, so we can't go into operation. If we use the existing trains, the waiting time of the citizens will be increased at the other stops and the people will be the victims. We do not use the existing wagons at the new stops so that the citizens do not become victims Vat.


Cakir stating that until this time due to economic and technical reasons, Çak the new tramway to the tram that will come up to the university. By this time, there was a hitch due to economic and technical reasons. 31 After the local elections in March, our new Metropolitan Mayor will come to the university with trams to come. After the selection, our stops and trams will be opened until the university will be opened. Seçim (Müberra Taşçı - Samsun News Agency)

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