Tourism Express replaces Eastern Express

East Express is replaced by Tourism Express
East Express is replaced by Tourism Express

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy made a series of investigations in the Sarıkamış district of Kars.

Sarıkamış Ski Center, Katerina Pavilion, Ani Ruins and Kars Castle Minister Ersoy browsing the surrounding area, Ani ruins of the 6 monthly excavation program will be taken to the announcing by explaining "both the time will extend and the excavation will increase the number of professional archaeologists and art historians." He said.

Minister Ersoy, the AK Party in his speech at the Provincial Directorate of the Eastern Express route to operate a 'Tourism Express' can be started to work said.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, yesterday evening reached the Eastern Express in Sarıkamış district of Kars, the program began today by visiting the Sarıkamış Ski Center. Ersoy, riding the snowmobile, visited the ski slopes. Kars Governor Türker Öksüz, Sarıkamış Governor Yusuf İzzet Karaman and Mayor Göksal Toksoy were accompanied by Minister Ersoy.

Then Ersoy, who went to the Katerina Pavilion with his companions, took a briefing about the pavilion from the Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Hakan Doğanay.

Minister Ersoy, then on the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the "Cradle of Civilization" called the Ani Ruins.

Visiting the Illustrated Church, the Great Cathedral (Fethiye Mosque) and the Ebul Manucehr Mosque, Minister Ersoy continued his restoration work in Ani Ruins. Dr. Fahriye Bayram received information. Minister Ersoy, also took a souvenir photo by chat with tourists.

Ministers said in a statement to reporters after the trip Ersoy, said Ani ruins in Kars is very important both for Turkey.

Minister Ersoy stated that there are new projects for better excavation, projecting and budget allocation of Ani Ruins, said:

Ecek This project will be implemented by 1 March. Project, excavation sites can be extended to 12 month project. Of course it is not possible to take 12 to the moon everywhere. I asked the excavation president to do their work to extend the period to 6 month according to the seasons in Ani. They will complete the study. In the coming period, we will take Ani Ruins to the 6 monthly excavation program. We will extend the time and increase the number of professional archaeologists and art historians to work on the excavation. We will support the Ministry regularly every month. Bakanlık

Head of the excavation Dr. Bayram said that Ani Ruins is one of the key points in the Turkization of Anatolia. Professor Dr. . I hope that we will continue our work with a much faster and more protective approach, çok said Bayram.

Minister Ersoy, Ani Oren Site visit Kars Governor Öksüz, Kars Mayor Murtaza Karaçanta, Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Doğanay, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Murat Kılıç and the people accompanied.

Minister Ersoy later examined the city center of Kars Castle and skirts. Information about the work of the Governor of Kars Turker Öksüz Ersoy and his entourage, after the visit to the Tomb of Ebul Hasan Harakani AK Party moved to the Provincial Directorate. Minister Ersoy, in his speech here, remarkable that the Eastern Express contributed to the city continued his words as follows:

Or Thanks to the Eastern Express, Kars's reputation has been heard for several years. You know the essential duty of Eastern Express is to provide transportation, not tourism. Now we can look at the Eastern Express route with a different system of 'Tourism Express', we will look at it. In fact, it is more appropriate to provide services to the tourist Express because tourists have difficulty in finding places. I think it will be beneficial in terms of economy. Dan

In the scope of the Minister Ersoy program, he said that they have made observations at Cıbıltepe Ski Center. We will work to improve the capacity of the rate without harming the nature. According to the structures here, we will start to gradually transfer the necessary resources. Bur

Emphasizing that they will prepare Kars better for 2023, Minister Ersoy said, lah Hopefully, the tourism sector in 2023 will surpass the livestock sector and become your priority sector. This is very effective for people to find work. We will do the necessary work..

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