Tika Holds Up an Ecdat Relic in the Middle East

tika has a common heirloom in the middle
tika has a common heirloom in the middle

2. The project, which is carried out by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) at the Amman station of Hicaz Railway, one of the most important projects of the Abdulhamid period, continues the construction of the museum and the restoration of the 3 historical buildings at the station.

Within the scope of the project, which was started by TİKA in 2017, a museum building, which will tell the history of Hicaz Railway, is being constructed at the Hicaz Railway Amman Train Station. At the same time, three station buildings next to the museum building are being restored while preserving their historical texture. The museum, which will have a closed area of ​​3.000 m2, will exhibit rails, locomotives, materials used for communication purposes at the station, tools used for the repair and maintenance of the rails, photos and printed materials for the museum. In addition, the first years of the station will be revived with a multidimensional presentation of conductors, passengers and belongings in their original clothing, accompanied by historical sound recordings of stations on the line.

On the other floors of the museum, there will be a section where models of other stations are exhibited with the diorama technique. The 3 historical building next to the museum will be restored and used in social activities. The restoration and museum construction is planned to be completed in the first months of 2020 and the Hicaz Museum is planned to be served to the visitors.

The Hejaz Railway will be turned into a center of attraction for tourism mobilization in the region with the completion of Amman Train Station Restoration and New Museum construction project. The museum will inform its visitors about the Hijaz Railway, the most important Ottoman heritage in Jordan, while also supporting tourism, which is one of the important income sources of the Jordanian economy. The museum, which is designed as a modern building with traces of Turkish architecture, will be given an example of a museum in Jordan by equipping the museum building in accordance with the modern museum concept. Hijaz between the museum to tell the common historical and cultural heritage of Jordan and Turkey not only aims to be a part of it.

History of the Hejaz Railway

Sultan II. Hijaz Railway, one of the most important projects of the period of Abdulhamid Khan, was built between Damascus and Medina between 1900-1908 years. The line, which started to be constructed from Damascus to Medina, reached Amman in 1903, Maan in 1904, Medayin-i Salih in 1906 and Medina in 1908. The construction of the railway was completed in a short period of time, despite the harsh conditions of drought, water shortage and bad terrain. More than 458 stations were built on the 27 kilometer of the railway.

The railway had significant military, political, economic and social consequences for the Ottoman Empire. With the opening of the line from Syria to Medina about forty, a long and dangerous journey to Mecca in the long and dangerous han journey 4-5 day came down. Urbanization and commercial activities increased throughout the station and on the railway line. The railway also became a vital means of transport in military operations and military operations during the First World War and the Hicaz Rebellion.



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